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Adventure Escape Mysteries 6.07 Apk + Mod (Stars/Hints/Keys) Android 2020

Spiele , Adventure
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6.07 für Android
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Nov 24, 2019

Adventure Escape Mysteries 6.07 Apk + Mod (Stars/Hints/Keys) Android


Unique puzzles and stories are celebrated can be enjoyed by millions of players reviewers. Examining the subtle clues, solve the mystery and beauty of the adventure show unravels the puzzle!

Play an epic story

Save cursed a fictional state crown. Save your people play as Princess Nimue in her search. Learn magic spells such as walls or the ability to see through super-sized plants. Decisions that affect the outcome of the negotiations on his quest.

Trapmaker Solve a murder mystery. How to Play Detective Kate Gray removed his boots and investigate a mysterious murder on the feet. To interrogate suspects, and to discover all the secrets to use their own smart.

An escape the ruined city, and to prevent the risk of storm dark ruins of the world! A team of archaeologists crash forgets to forest land and new Cursed city. They swayed to the initial 500-year-old secret threatens to flood the world again. Our hero of the night could save the world end? When science and magic collide, you would be crazy? What - or who - sacrifice they need to survive?

Solve unique puzzles

Use your observation skills to solve our puzzles of logic and deductive smart. Instructions it takes to collect treasures and weapons inventory and enjoy a great escape from the room experience from the comfort of your mobile device.

Totally Free

Free to play our best game! This supports signal Haiku you can buy if you have problems, but you are never forced. We are forced to pay you to do the impossible puzzle and no -. Better yet, we'll show ever plunged the advertisement, when the game world.

Rave Review

Adventure Escaping the player has been executed by the millions and> 4.5 Star Rating. Game AppPicker, TechWiser, AndroidAuthority, and AppUnwrapper is the best choice to escape critics such as flight space adventure game.

Based on an indie company

We love making games and puzzles is an independent game studio. In fact, our team has endured even more room, more than a hundred. Haiku, a game design philosophy we call "decent challenge." We believe the puzzle should be difficult, but to explain it, so we'd like to think that we are unique puzzles, spend a lot of activities!



Key Features

  • flash game online for free!
  • A simple room escape game. Notes explain the observation of the environment and solve puzzles!
  • Find travel scenes shown 100 -
  • Unique puzzle game fun spirit
  • If you save your progress across multiple devices can play!
  • More news to come!

What is new

Heaven's Secret is now available! Play our new mystery!

  • Fixed a rare problem with full chapters
  • Fixed incorrect closure of an issue where the tutorial

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