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Floatify Notifications Pro 11.61 Patched APK für Android 2021

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11.61 für Android
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Nov 30, 2017

Floatify Notifications Pro 11.61 Patched APK for Android

Extended head with Floatify provides up to providing information on the phone.
Status (eg, WhatsApp) ""Throw out without triggering read online or directly from the lock screen on a monitor message"".
Remember, you do not like? Floatify is also an option for mini head-up notifications! Show swipe to not only expand down and to the whole stuff!
Instructions (Please WhatsApp, Line, Hangout, telegram ..) is opened without using the latest posts do not remember the answer!
Tip: Quick, to answer with just without unlock the lock screen!

Once smart after receiving a notification screen when you wake, you have to take the phone!
Yourself, and get rid of the look and feel with two Android limitations and how you can optimize the colour, irrespective of size, and animation!
Choose the form of preset themes or personalize each installed Tweak!

Custom application settings are used to determine and display applications, the screen active while they live ""recall"" or privacy little text action.

Explore the possibilities!

Notice choice when pop-ups will be shown:

  • Information
  • On the lockscreen (Stock)
  • Phone Unlocking
  • Smart blacklist apps
  • Hide in Full Screen Apps
  • View Hide


  1. Heads Up Notifications
  2. Mini head-up information
  3. Stacked up alert notifications
  4. Stacked lock screen notifications!
  5. Remember, in WhatsApp, Line, Hangout (application to support this mode for quick answers) (4.3+)
  6. Remember, however, quick response anywhere!
  7. One-handed mode for quick response
  8. Note Alerts View gives you the answer instantly.
  9. Wake Publication (Automatic detection bag)
  10. Wake Smart Wax (store instruction)
  11. Message Filter Settings
  12. Quiet hours settings
  13. Custom app settings (privacy, sound, wake, timeout ..)
  14. The call was a direct action (back/message in support of such news app)
  15. Full-size information
  16. Lockscreen notifications privacy settings
  17. Low battery consumption
  18. Cope with fast and fluid
  19. Easy Configuration
  20. Restore backup settings
  21. Brilliant!


  • Predefined topics
  • Custom backgrounds, animations, icons, text
  • Icon pack support (Nova, go to ADW, ..)
  • Lockscreen notifications subjects (lollipops, Google Maps, ..)
  • Lockscreen notifications Animation
  • Popup size, position, color, animation, obscure ..
  • Up alarm warning of a different color separations, animation ..
  • Note Info icon background, size, contact picture ..
  • Heads-up notification text color, max lines, shapes, bold ..
  • Background Note Quick Reply
  • Send note Quick Reply button
  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Android 4.1 + 4.2 Note:

All features, based on Android versions prior to 4.3
Status information can not be deleted because of Floatify on Android 4.3!
To start some devices and software bug for lectures, while disabling it TextToSpeech!



Information and support:

Support and beta community: https://plus.google.com/communities/116889198622676982632
XDA forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2794876
Please, e-mail notes immediately that the answer may be all. But I will try to correct any errors as soon as possible.

What is new:

- Added crash log for easy troubleshooting
- Translation updates
- Crash fixes
- Minor fixes

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