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My Game Collection (Tracker) 4.3.4 Unlocked Apk für Android App 2022

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Apr 21, 2018

My Game Collection (Tracker) 4.3.4 Unlocked Apk for AndroidMy Game Collection (Tracker)

You can check the application, then the news with the following controls select a playlist you run:

* At least 80% Metacritic

* I had my friends

* It is the only current-generation platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U

* It is only steam, roots or other digital game show

* How to beat a lot of time (hLTB) value no more than 10 hours

* Not yet started

oder'das gameplay * A "" PS + Gold '

Or show amiibo with the following filters:

* Amiibo just not my right.

* It is the only one that has already been published

Super Smash Bros. series and yarn

* Compatible with Mario Kart 8

Or your Skylanders Filters:

* Skylanders on my wishlist

Water Type *

* Elite, Core Light and Legendary

Compatible with * Skylanders loaders

These are just excerpts from my games, the most advanced, beliebtestenen operators/operators available to monitor, for its collection of video games, hardware amiibo and Skylanders, all of which are the platform's largest online database.

If you forget to use my mind, is a collector, that you need to love each enthusiast or just something.

Import your game from various sources: / Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, VGCollect, Android, Backloggery, Collectorz, PSDLE, Desura, how long to kill Steam, Playstation 3/4, RF output, generic CSV, plain text.

Website MMGC can see an overview:

Want to use your catalogue and a comprehensive list of tracking filters and quick (offline and online), sorting and grouping logic functions.

MGC has a lot to bring together information from different sources, but yet you do not give the full control over your own collection, you can edit it. Are presented with a simple interface, while it does all this beauty.

Key Features:

• Powerful yet easy to use

• What is credit monitoring

• The database is not available in Games, Hardware, amiibo (letters, cards), Skylanders (letter, cars, traps, objects, adventure)

• Import your game from various sources (Steam, Playstation, Xbox, VGCollect, ...)

• Individual colour labels to add to their games and hardware

• Extensive filtering, grouping and sorting options

• Choose what you want to see detailed images.

• Additional information is downloaded a lot of your collection.

• multiple views (list, grid, group)

• Detailed images public


Backup / local storage and / or restore Dropbox

• Create a live game/hardware extension filter or list a shortcut on your home screen.

• Choose an individual for your full list, or CSV export

• In Twitter, Hangout, Facebook, Email, to share your game/hardware, ...

• To download all of the data that can handle the data in the online database here

• Various research, data and video sources outbound links

• Google can now express support. Example: Search [my sports game title]

•, images, search an online database to select a URL directly from local storage or images.

• The main menu (left of the drop-down menu) is optimized

• passionate developers and reaction

Join our subreddit:

This version is ad-supported and fully functional. Remove ads, unlock and upgrade all features to show their support, the Pro version (

Premium Features:

• No advertising

• Dropbox Support / restore for backup

• Sports / Hardware Unlimited wishlist size

• The unlimited saved list was filtered (Drama / Hardware)

• Brief Unique Game

• Add a shortcut on your home screen to a filter (Drama / Hardware) to your favourite list

• Other Settings

• Skylanders cars, traps, magic items and sign up for the adventure

• Hide, Go Premium 'button

• Thanks to our

What is new:

  • Provide better information to obtain.
  • Remove a computer program or system errors.

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