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Super AMOLED Wallpapers PRO 5.5 Apk für Android 2021

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5.5 für Android
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Jul 06, 2017

Super AMOLED Wallpapers PRO 5.5 Apk for Android

Super AMOLED Wallpapers PRO version is not already submitted a new wallpaper

As always, the solution to any smartphone or tablet to provide Super AMOLED wallpapers, do not look good help.

Wallpaper quality evidence (video) -


  • Super AMOLED wallpaper (100 new)
  • Easy user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Save to SD card
  • Many categories of
  • More Wallpapers will be added as they become available

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If you want to adjust some great and amazing HD wallpapers on your Android smartphone or tablet with wallpaper, etc? If you get past the dark wallpaper? If your answer is yes, then the Super AMOLED wallpapers are still just the app for you.

This new application is a collection of the best-anoled wallpapers and backgrounds on your smartphone or tablet. Our wallpapers were all personally selected and it looks pretty good.

Amazing HD wallpaper and you can easily navigate between them. The best thing you can crop images, as they have not already been manually selected, and that must be very high definition. You will love a very large collection of black wallpaper HD you

Why do you install Super AMOLED instead of your Android smartphone or tablet and other dark wallpaper?

• Easy:
✓ Through a simple interface, you can easily find a huge collection of awesome wallpapers. They found that if you want to set wallpaper and wallpaper? It's super easy and you can do it

• Good:
✓ Beautiful AMOLED wallpaper that will love you
✓ All phone optimized size and you do not need to harvest them.

• Easy:
Please ✓ No hidden costs, no annual membership fee with no special race and the amazing HD Wallpapers adjust your device's screen.

• regular updates:
✓ We will be updating our programs in our programs daily and regularly add some great wallpapers!

• Background Save:
✓ Want to save your device? It can save them on an SD card for super easy and you save space.
✓ You can download free wallpapers and save.

• Save Our app store
✓ All cloud dark wallpapers are stored, and if you can not download it, you do not need to worry about your device. They need to worry about storage they are stored on the device.

• Battery Saving
✓ Most of the Google Wallpaper will use its battery power than the Play Store requirements, but we have to save our wallpaper battery power in a bigger battery-saving task because they have developed so many colours. This does not have all the rights to the Super AMOLED wallpaper

• Wallpaper lots:
✓ We are actually about 100 HD wallpapers, but we will add many people regularly

Why wait? Wallpaper rapidly and easily adapt to your smartphone home screen Super AMOLED!

We are always striving to be the best user experience for its users. We're looking for your feedback, suggestions or recommendations. Please give us a call to "" [email protected] "" We have the best experience by e-mail and can continue to update it.

Please help us translate the app on the link below to your language. Click
Https: // poaditorkcom / jwain / project / QtGaGA3CXe

What is new:

  1. Super Superfast
  2. Search Function
  3. muzei base (Automatic Wallpaper Change)
  4. New Server
  5. Fill out the new design
  6. Useless internet
  7. Ability to clear cache
  8. Small APK file size 

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