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AlpineQuest GPS Hiking 2.2.0.r5342 Paid Apk for Android 2020

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2.2.0.r5342 for Android
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Mar 10, 2019

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking 2.2.0.r5342 Paid Apk for Android

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking, hunting, boating, hunting, boating, ground training, off-road navigation, and all outdoor activities and sports, very complete solution below.

You can access and store a large number of geographic online maps at the local level, which is also available when available through cell coverage. Alpinist also supports file-based maps, such as memory boards (C) cards.

GPS is a part lost in the past by a magnetic sensor used in the device: You will get a location in the real-time on the map, where you can see where it can be arranged to suit it.

Save and retrieve places, share it with friends. Follow your path, get advanced stats and interactive graphics. You have no questions about what you can achieve

Alpinist is not in the cell (such as in the mountains or abroad) and helps all your wishes to find a deep forest ...

Do not hesitate, now try the free Light Version!

Please inform suggestions and issues in our special forum (no registration required, answers to all questions) and not in comments

The main features are:

★★ Cards ★★

• Built-in online maps (including automated local storage, roads, topo and satellite maps);

• Built-in online layers (street names and shadow of the hills);

• Get more online maps and layers in one click from the included community map list (Nokia Maps, Yahoo Maps, Local Top Maps, ...).

• Full-screen storage of online maps for offline use;

• On-offline offline map support (visit our website for FREE MORAC for Map Maker);

• Memory-mapped support (Kvikchart .kct cards only test their cards, using the first free light version, Kikusi 3 card is not compatible);

• Many map levels in layers are displayed with opacity controls for display.

• Advanced SD memory card maps explorer and scanner.

★★ Landmark ★★

• Create, view, save, restore numerous routes, routes, sections, and tracks.

• Import / Export GPX files, Google Earth KML / KMZ files, CSV / TSV files;

• Support for OziExplorer WPT and Geocaching LOC Web points;

• Save and share online locations with other users using community landmarks.

• Interactive graphics on descriptions, advanced statistics, and various items;

Time to run the timestamp trace again;

• Manufacturers of roads, roads, and fields;

• Extended SD memory card Landscape Explorer.

GPS position / orientation ★★

• Geographic location on a map by GPS or network;

• Map Orientation, Compass and Pointfinder;

• Track recorder with integrated GPS / barometer (long tracking enabled, runs in a separate and simple process);

• Avoid approaches and path alerts.

• Barometer support (for compatible devices).

★★ More: ★★

• Metric, ink, and hybrid haul units;

• GPS latitude/longitude grid formats integration (UTM, MGRS, USNG, OSGB, Irish Grid, Swiss Grid, Grid Lambert, DFCI Grid, QTH Maidenhead Localization System, ...);

• Ability to import thousands of built-in formats from;

• Grid display on the map;

• Full-screen map view;

• Multi-touch zoom;

• ...

"Allows phone and Android identification by the state" Backend compatibility with the AlpinWest of Android 1.5, this permission is automatically added by Google Play.

What is new?


• Extra separate cards locally stored elevation data (DAS): height, terrain, hashed, steepness (+ 30 °) and sensitive height;

• Added support for better auto-routing and Google auto-routing service;

• Recording and demonstration of image weapons when the compass is active;

• Various fixes and bug fixes.

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