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AppBlock & Stay Focused Pro 1.2.4 Apk for Android App 2023

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1.2.4 for Android
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Feb 17, 2017

AppBlock – Stay Focused Pro 1.2.4 Apk for Android

Having an AppBlock-centered Android app helps you (its users) to temporarily block distracting apps on your phone that you have at school or work. The Blocker app is open at certain times and can be activated at that time. , And when the former exceeds the predetermined timeout, is automatically terminated with the exception.

How to use:

Application AppBlock - Focus is really easy to use. By downloading mail, you can find annoying programs that, while you keep some important jobs, select and retain their information for a certain time after their selection. There is more to Czech:

• Applications can be blocked with any application temporarily blocked
• You can check that your email is temporarily blocked: For example, if you are on a weekend vacation, you can turn off your e-mail notifications.
• If you want, during closing time, you do not change any settings. Just a block to block apps applications
• Can help you to focus more, deactivate all other information, then require special work at your office home. (A critical update notification, Public Works with Android version 4.3).

App Features:

Application Block and Extension Ideas Take a look at the App App Blocker Features: How this utility and privacy protector application works on balancing your work life:

• Block app launch may be picky and selective about you launch the app,
• Disable notifications from a specific application, you can avoid unwanted,
• Create a profile group with rules for certain applications, you may be restricted to public profile
• Protect your AppBlock application using the PIN code: This will enhance our security protocols and configuration data on mobile,
• Increase productivity: 'll be able to distract you, you can work with great concentration and co-workers with your tweets and pokes on your phone,
• Lock messages, so you don't have a list of something missing
• Unlock the phone charger when the lock profiles (if not attached)
• Copy current profile

Download the App AppBlock - which can focus on living and keeping their work and more focused. It's just a simple and useful way to stay focused on their work, to increase their productivity and quality of work.

Known issue
This application will not work to block or allow more battery AppBlock AppBlock AppBlock settings and jump.

Contact us if you would like to help translate your language 🙂 Thanks

If you are having any problems with the app or suggestions that we can do better, please do not hesitate to contact us email [email protected] We will do everything to help.

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AppBlock programs must help you keep in mind you need to focus or relax


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What is new:

Advanced Active Profile Indicator

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