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Armajet 1.14.8 (Full Arm/Arm64) Apk + Mod for Android 2020

Games , Online , Action
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1.14.8 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 29, 2020

Armajet 1.14.8 (Full Arm/Arm64) Apk + Mod for Android

Welcome to Future Pilot!
4v4 arena shooter Armajet with fast three minute rounds! Team up with friends or go solo in this fast-paced action game!

100% skill based

Never win! Simple Armajet bridges the game mechanics, difficult to master and the Gap for highly competitive, cross-platform gameplay. Intuitive double-deck mobile control aircraft and easily bring the shooting challenge to life.

Choose your game mode

Let's Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch as you fight for yourself to dive into the air supremacy. Get a point lead or win 30 games at the end of a three minute round!
Fuel Frenzy: Looking for a strategic game mode? This is just for you. Collect and hold 10 fuel cells to win. But if you're fragged before the end of the countdown, you'll lose them all!
Win Over 3 Enemies To Run Over The Battle! Pass the law, and even react to the killer series on Dunk Battle Ball!

Freundschaft squad

Create your own party or join a friend! Fight the flames and the opposing team together through the World Theater! Team PvP War is Best!

Hundreds of weapons modes

Do you prefer short-range PvP or be far-deadly? Choose the defensive position for the universal automatic rifle, the long-range sniper rifle or the Fury E sedan with foreign aviation safety. To keep running 700+ weapon modes, you will have nieen options!

Unlock and upgrade heroes

Hundreds of fur fly in style: to unlock it! Coward the sky with a wolf, defend your team from the Camirez Umeko and kill your enemies with honor!

Brave way

Unlock more generous package pilots, weapons skin, progress bravery on the jet trails to win the road round!

High-quality graphics and audio

Incredible FlightSuit and weapons details, experience shaking 32-channel sound and fighting with the planet with the excitement of sound and 5D sound effect that melts your ears!

The cult system
Join an existing clan in the clan, make social sharing for pilots recruitment and organize contacts and competition.

Climb leaderboards
Global Personal and Clan Leaderboards with Weather! Do you finally believe in the rankings and the season-winning climb badge skills?

If you like real-time game multiplayer combat, or if you are struggling like Royal, Action, PVP, FPS or Moba games like Armajet! A free, real-time multiplayer games fun platform shooter is not everywhere.

We love our heart and soul and words of hope that the game is a lot that we enjoy it! If you enjoy this free platform shooter, or have any questions or problems, please join the contact discussion:

⇢Armajet on Facebook
⇢Armajet quarrel:
⇢Official Madam Reddit:
FficOfficial ARMAJET: https: // wwvkarmjetkcom
⇢Official super-beat machine:

What is new

Armajet Player is the new original soundtrack to experience the legendary drum and bass group Noisia brand! "" Ready to go "" (main theme) Jetpack War "" Expose "" Sit down, "" Hardskin "" "" "" and "" The Wall Hack "" Steam - intense Noiseia special for Armajet combat. 5 titles inspired by!
Plus: application performance optimization and 5 times smaller download size!

Armajet Enjoy, leave us a comment! and subscribe to the information. 

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