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Battery Alarm 2.3 Apk for Android & Ad-Free 2020

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2.3 for Android
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Dec 19, 2016

Battery Alarm 2.3 Apk for Android – Ad-Free

Note: KEEP APP Away App Killer and RAM / Cash Cleaner Apps

This battery application protects your phone's battery from overcharging.

Battery Charge Alarm has the best user-friendly interface.

Note: If you are using a task killer or RAM cleaner application, put this app in the ignore list. Otherwise

This affects the working of this application. And it can't and won't work properly.

This way, you can set an alarm for the state associated with the charge of the state.

An alert message will appear and a steady tone is heard until you turn it off or disconnect the plug or charger or exit the application.

After charging, the instructions are displayed.

After charging, the application will launch automatically.

** Properties **

0) Plug and Play app

1) Displays the current charge state

2) Set the alarm to the charge state

3) Displays the current charging mode (AC or USB)

4) Displays the alarm level and alarm message when the playback alarm is reached

5) The color of the battery charge percentage according to the current charge status

6) The default charge level for an alarm is 80%.

7) Adjust the volume for the alarm sound

8) Dynamic battery level with relative colors and levels in percentage

9) Set your alarm tone

10) Displays the status of the battery in the notification bar

11) Set the battery alarm to vibrate and silent mode

12) Auto launch On or Off.

13) Low battery instruction on or off

14) Plugin sound

15) Unplug the sound

16) 3D battery percentage

17) Difficult language for voice is alarms


While charging, you don't need to check your phone often. Overloading is not a concern. Battery alarms take care of everything

Improves battery life.

Avoid overcharging the battery.

Set a battery alarm at the battery level of your choice.

Set an alarm of your choice?

Play the battery alarm in Vibrate or Silent mode

Progress bar for battery percentage in the notification area.

Battery Charging Alarm is a very useful, small, sleek and stylish app that lets you track the percentage of current battery on your Android device and can also serve as a battery save mode

With this app, you will know at any time, anywhere that the battery for your game, movies or surfing is charged sufficiently.

A battery charge alarm sounds whenever you charge the phone, when the battery is fully charged, or when the battery level is reached. In addition, the battery status of the percent is displayed. There is no app that offers this feature.

There are no other battery-related applications like Clean, Clean and Beautiful interface like battery charging alarm. The user interface is as simple as possible, but it's easy to use and user-friendly.

We will continue to work on improving the battery charging alarm app and adding new features such as usable battery information, energy-saving tips, and new widgets in the near future.

This application saves and improves longevity by 90%.

For questions, suggestions, and feedback please send us an email at [email protected]

Why Should You Use a Battery Complete Alarm App?

Just look under the count.

The 1-hour mobile charge consumes 0.007 units.

The actual requirement for a full recharge is 2 hours.

Most of the time we spend more hours.

See an example

Many people charge the phone all night instead of two hours

0.007 units * 6 hours charging time = 0.042 units (daily waste units)

0.042 * 365 days = 15.33 units (365 days wasted unit)

Total Active Mobile Users in India: 104850000

So that 50% of users do not take 104850000/2 = 52425000

52425000 users * 15.33 units = 803675250 units (total unused units)

Use 1 minimum charge = (2r to 4r)

Calculate 3Rs for the calculations

803675250 units * 3Rs = 2411025750 rupees (wasted without use)

(Note: We've only considered 50% of people.)

So it is good to wake up people to save energy and save energy.

I have created a free app to save energy. They use it and divide it to save dividends.

Battery charging alarm, battery alarm

What is new?

New features


  • New Level Instructions.
  • New time-based alert.
  • Battery charging history.
  • Real alarm for a full battery.
  • New theme and user interface.

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