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BlueStacks Pro Rooted + Modded + Offline Windows 2020

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Feb 07, 2020

BlueStacks Pro Rooted + Modded + Offline Windows

Windows and Mac
BlueStacks has produced an American technology company BlueStacks App Player and other cloud-based cross-platform products. BlueStacks App Player Android app is designed to be able to run on Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. The company was in 2009, Rosen Sharma, a former CTO and board member at McAfee

Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint, Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Citrix, Radar Partners, Ignition Partners, AMD and others. 8. The company BlueStacks Sharma (Sharma, the company Google, Microsoft, Citrix and McAfee acquired X2 was five years old). June 7, left BlueStacks Beta 20l4.

App Player

The company officially launched on 20ll Citrix Synergy conference in San Francisco on 25 May. CEO Mark Templetondemonstrated BlueStacks Citrix announced that the companies have partnered on the initial stage version. October 11 public alpha version of the app player, was launched at the 2011th

App Player for Windows and Mac software is a part of the completion of the download, Android experience virtualizes. Option to purchase a premium membership to download the software and then present users with free-to-use and install apps or sponsored $ 2 / month are also found. Please refer to download or before it is installed. According to company sources, the player application can be run 96% of the more than 14 million applications in the Google Play Store. It reached 85 million downloads marks in April 2014.

June 27, 2012, the company has an alpha of its app player software for Mac OS Version 1 was released. 27 December beta version, 2012, the application player, while the Mac OS version available was not released to download on your website that has been removed in the official figures as of April 2015. In 2014 BlueStacks, an Inc. has released a new version is advertised developed app player for Mac OS. In July 2015 BlueStacks Inc has released a new version of the Mac OS.


GamePop in 2013 was launched on 9 May of life, use a subscription model. Users pay for your subscription to the game will receive $ 250 worth. It allows users to play like on many 500 mobile games on television. On 23 July 2014, investment support for Samsung GamePop made public. It brought $ 26 million for investment in BlueStacks. BlueStacks get incentives to improve its application with the players, sitting together GamePop Inc. 2015 damage developing plans to improve the product at a later date.

System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 7
You must be an administrator on the PC.
Processor: Intel Core i5-680 (pass mark 3500) or Processor virtualization extensions are enabled in BIOS
Graphics: Intel HD 5200 (750 PassMark) or greater
Memory: 6 GB or higher
HDD: SSD (or fusion)
Storage Hard Drive: 40 GB of
Internet games, broadband connection accounts and related content
Power plan: High
Up to date video driver from chipset vendors Microsoft
Note: The program requires an Internet connection for the first implementation.

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