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DigiHUD Pro Speedometer APK for Android App 2022

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Oct 17, 2015

DigiHUD Pro Speedometer APK for Android

DigiHUD Pro Speedometer is a GPS-based digital head-up display (HUD) for Android that displays and records useful speed and distance information for your trip. Ideal if your vehicle's speedometer is dead, you want to check the speed of your vehicle or just know your speed for cycling, running, flying, sailing, etc.!

Please check your device's functionality before purchasing this version - (link below this description) *

Although we try to make all readings as accurate as possible, they are just as accurate as your device's GPS sensor and should only be considered as a guess.


Includes all Digihood Tachometer functions -

  • Choose any background color
  • Profiles - Create a profile for different activities or modes of transportation and keep all settings and values ​​separate.
  • PIN - Save the places you visit. Navigate there or view it later in Google Maps
  • Speed ​​Alerts - Any number. Set color, shutter speed, built-in / custom / no alarm sound. Over/under speed reductions (probably one for pilots)
  • Log in to your routes and upload them to.KML, GPX and. Export to CSV file formats
  • Day / Night mode - Choose the time of day and night color and brightness setting. Auto toe mode automatically changes to sunrise and sunset
  • Edit speed and distance values ​​such as audiometer, ride, and max
  • Optional start / stop function for main connection / connection
  • Switch to LiteSpeed ​​mode Lite mode (Speed ​​ONLY) if it is above your selected speed
  • SpeedTouch Lock - Disables all touch screen events above selected speeds
  • Elapsed time (tap on the clock to switch back to the clock)
  • Tap the compass for a simple compass, bearing, and odometer (again tap the classic compass).
  • SpeedSet Facet - Adjust the displayed value to +/- 20%
  • Hide Unlimited Number Segments - These blank numbers are less distracting
  • Google Map View - Split the screen between the motion and the live Google Map, which shows your location.
  • Select the number of decimal places (up to two) to display values
  • Alternatively, there may be a decimal place speed.
  • Compatible with Samsung's multi-window mode and LG's dual-window mode

Much more is planned for the future. If you have suggestions, please send an email to the address below this listing.

DigiHUD Pro Tips:

  • Touch the car icon to open the profile
  • Tap the pin icon to save this location as a pin. Long press to see your pen
  • Swipe left or right to switch between full, bright, and split motion/map views.
  • Swipe up or down to switch between HUD (mirrored) and normal display
  • Reach the vehicle counter to cycle through three counters
  • Long press on the speed unit to choose between MPH, KMH, and KTS (also on the menu).
  • Long press on speed or the driving value resets it
  • Press and hold the red circle to start/stop the recording
  • When touching window mode, you can use the DigiHood Pro icon (top left of the window) to switch to the full-screen app, toggle logging, or to switch to a menu to start/stop.
  • All values ​​can be reset by long press on "Pace Reset" (except the odometer in the statistics popup).
  • The screen does not turn off when you travel long distances and work in landscape or portrait mode.

This app needs to use a GPS receiver, which can increase battery consumption. *

Data protection etc.

There is no advertisement.

Digihood Pro uses Google Maps, an Internet connection (if available) for address search and crash/analysis reports. For more information, see Help in the app.

It works without data or cell connection.

Do you want to respond? Hold your thumb up / down to open Google Play (the icon will appear 3 days after installation)

If you have a problem with DigiHood Pro, see http://digihud.co.uk/blog/freferences- Answers / Questions / Troubleshooting >> FAQs or http://digihud.co.uk/blog / contact form / "> Contact us.

What is new?


  • Resolved: The altimeter correctly displays negative values



  • Altimeter error (thanks to Chad Solomon for identification)
  • Better code for ride, odometer, and altimeter
  • Geeky numbers will confuse PAUSED animation by flashing

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