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Energy Bar EB_6.1.3_BETA Apk Unlocked for Android App 2022

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EB_6.1.3_BETA for Android
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Sep 15, 2016

Energy Bar EB_6.1.3_BETA Apk Unlocked for Android

Member requested

Add a configurable Energy Bar to the top of the battery that indicates the current battery level. And if you think such a simple battery bar can show such important information, connect your charger - the description of the animation displayed will surprise you. The pulsed animation and bars not only show the current state of the battery charge but also how much the battery is charged after it is plugged into your charger.

The latest update of the Late Energy Bar app feels privileged as it is now integrated into the device as an accessibility service. As a user, this means that the energy bar is very reliable and fits well into the system. And as a complement to the integration, a nice interface that lets you make all sorts of adjustments to the bar is shown on your screen live.

Out-of-the-box features:

  • Adjust the beam thickness from the hairline to the value of 21.
  • The bar can be connected to the left / center / right side of the screen if you want to read things left to right.🙂
  • You can color your energy bar to add an extra layer of information. A good example could be that you divide the bar into 4-segments. With 1% you can set a different color for each 25% battery.
  • You can automatically hide the full-screen energy bar (apps, movies, pictures, games, etc.).
  • The unified user interface simplifies the process of partitioning bars where you can drag sliders back and forth where you want to split them.

Do you want to delete a segment? Drag the slider of a particular section to the minimum value to automatically remove it.

Too many segments? Do you want to delete all? No problem just drag the slider of the first section to the minimum value and everything will be reset.

✓ Three types of color picker for choosing any color in the world. You can play with the pickers or be accurate with the HX code to see where you like it.


HSV color picker

RGB color picker

Hex Code Picker

In addition to the main features above, the app has a "Pack Support Dev Pack" that you (the developer) can make available to me as a purchase in the app, as well as some super cool extra features:

Status bar:

If you're using Android 4.4 or higher, you can set the Energy Bar to be your status bar. By default, if the Energy Bar in your status bar is hidden on some screens, the bar thickness is one or two pixels higher. On some screens, therefore, a very thin energy bar appears below your status bar.

Note bar:

Personally, I like this feature, even though you can color the energy bar with code in the factory, this feature lets you set the gradient for the bar so that the bar displays information about your battery. It is fun to give important information all the time. 🙂

Merge Segments:

Created If you have created multiple parts, you can merge and display them at the same time. It is a color, except that the colors have sharp edges.

It's all good! But what about the energy bar battery consumption?

This is the most exciting question I have to answer. The PowerBar understands all you need to use your battery tree efficiently (after all, you have the application installed, or? Understate.🙂) The Energy Bar mutes about 0% of the CPU load on the screen when the battery is charged. Android wakes up the energy bar. After waking up, the energy bar quickly refreshes and falls asleep. And to be more efficient, the bar goes deep deep deep when the screen is off. This means that the battery level changes and doesn't appear even when the screen is off.

Author access required:

Since 5.0, users have been enjoying the ultra-stable and reliable Energy Bar, as it now runs as an accessibility service. Permission granted by Android is a "minimum requirement" for any Accessibility service (even the dummy) when the Energy Baris on. Make sure the app doesn't access anything.

What is new?


* Attempts to fix bugs caused by some devices.

Thanks for sending in the report! 🙂


* Auto hide-hide is no longer limited to videos, games, and pictures in full-screen mode. It works on full-screen content without a status bar.

* Support for Android 6.0.

* Explicit a🙂

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