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GlassWire Data Usage Monitor 3.0.354r [Unlocked] Apk Android App 2023

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3.0.354r for Android
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Aug 09, 2020

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor 3.0.354r [Unlocked] Apk Android

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor is the ultimate data usage monitor for Android! Our app makes it easy to monitor your mobile data usage, data limits and WiFi network activity.
Quickly find out which apps are slowing down your phone's internet connection or corrupting your mobile data.

Main features

  • Glassware’s data notifications keep you within your data limits and save money on your monthly phone bill. Be careful before you reach your carrier's data limit to avoid overcharging.
  • Graph View graphs currently using your wireless service provider data or Wi-Fi Internet connection.
  • Instantly learn how to access a new app network and use Wi-Fi or mobile data at any time.
  • Apps Swipe right to go back in time to see which apps use cellular data at the beginning of the week or month. View previous WiFi or cellular usage by day or month.
  • To set the zero-rated applications go to the Glassware Data Plan screen where your data usage will be counted towards your data plan. Glasswares can track roaming and even roll in minutes. Create a data usage widget.
  • Check Glasswire's speedometer in your notification bar to quickly see real-time data usage.
  • Privacy Protect your privacy and expose the application's suspicious activity on Glassware's graphics.
  • Stop the app from connecting to the network before GlassWire Mobile Firewall starts, or allow or deny new connections. Create multiple firewall profiles, one for mobile devices and one for WiFi.
  • Unlimited plans? Unfortunately, most "unlimited" plans (slow down and limit your connection) allow you to limit the number of data users. Glasswire may notify you if you start gagging.

Protect Your Privacy - Protect 20 Million Users!

Located in USA Stein, Texas, USA, our company was founded specifically to help protect people's privacy and security. Our Windows and Android software have been downloaded more than 20 million times simultaneously! We make money by selling our software, not by selling your data to third parties. With GlassWire, your data and app usage information never leave your phone. GlassWire will not show you ads or violate your privacy.

Quickly block abusive applications with glassware firewall

Instantly approve or deny new app connections with GlassWire's new mobile firewall. Glassware misuses applications!
Tap on our menu at the bottom right and then tap on "Update Glassware Mobile" to support our work and then check out our FireWire functions for free. Your support is important in making Glassware better, and you will have access to any new features we will add in the future. We are grateful to those who support our hard work on this ad-free tracking free project.

Supported cellular networks and providers

Glassware's data management capabilities work with a variety of mobile data providers and telecommunications companies worldwide, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint, Magenta and Geo. It is also compatible with 3G, 4G, 5G, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi and other popular telecommunication networks. If your cable, DSL, or Satellite ISP has data limitations, GlassWire can also tell you about Internet access instructions.

All major Android websites prefer glassware!

"10 Best Privacy Apps for Your Phone" - Android Authority
"Glasswire for Android now shows what your data is eating" - SlashGear
"Use Glassware's Free Android App to Monitor App Data Usage" - Droid Life
"The Best Android Security App To Lock Your Phone" - Daily Dot

How can we make glassware better?

Please join our and send or email us at [email protected] We read every email!

Error and problem messages

Find an error or other problem? Go to the three-line menu button at the bottom right of the Glassware app and select "Send Feedback" with debug log so we can fix it.

Thanks for trying Glassware. We hope we've helped you save money and protect your privacy.
Sincerely, Glassware Team

What is new

Glasswire now has a free widget for everyone! Long press the icon to access.
Age bugfixes and resource usage improvements.
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