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GPS Waypoints Navigator 8.65 APK for Android App 2023

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8.65 for Android
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Aug 20, 2015

GPS Waypoints Navigator 8.65 APK for Android

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Turn your phone into one of the most powerful GPS for Android devices, the world's most advanced GPS Waypoints Navigator, GPS. With Waypoints Navigator. With dozens of inland, waterway, and road navigation options, the tool included in this software package quickly becomes your best friend. An offline line can be reached with company maps and devices outside the network that just need a good view of the sky. Share important location data with friends who are interested in you and able to find your favorite routes. Received:

  • Unlimited access to our vector map library with over 400 maps. Download the map for offline use. Transfer the card to your SD card to free up internal memory.
  • Waypoint and trail management system.
  • Find away
  • Waypoint file system.
  • Waypoint Photography.
  • Many cards! Choose from multiple sources: Downloadable vector maps, Topo maps, Google Maps, Satellite maps, Openworkmaps - MapNeak, MapQuest, OpenShop cycling maps.
  • Import and export of KML, KMZ, and GPX for file track and waypoints. Data can be viewed and modified on your friend's devices and Google Earth.
  • A panel for all your GPS parameters.
  • Navigation Compass
  • Recorder.
  • Military Coordinator Finder
  • Many waypoint creation tools: enter coordinates, set a waypoint by tapping on the map, save your current location or enter an address (voice is input supported).
  • Two waypoint guidance systems, including a dynamic waypoint compass and always point to your destination, and a new navigation concept - GPS reflexed pseudo-radar (available only via DS software firmware).
  • Tracking system.
  • Map Search: Supports access to addresses and coordinates of each format, including UTM and MGRS.
  • Satellite reports with satellite signal bar graphs and satellite position mapping.
  • Send a card with your status via e-mail. A navigation device is not required on the receiver's device.
  • Seamless integration with Google Earth.
  • Various GUIs to choose from
  • Data Report for Shipping.
  • Supports multiple integrated formats: Late / Long Degree, Degree: Minute or Degree: Minute: Second, UTM, MGRS.
  • Proximity alarm.
  • The height elevation determined by your position corresponds to the elevation values ​​in the Land Survey database. This will give you values ​​that are trusted by your device's GPS chip.
  • A floating crosshair map that shows your position with the bearing and indicates the distance to the crosshairs.
  • Sunrise Sunset Report - No network connection required. Rotate or make the camps useful for organizing campaigns.
  • Data is backed up by allowing battery replacement without loss of data.

This premium navigation system is ad-free

  • Take a look at our YouTube product demo at

Also, get:

  • Changing directions and tickets.
  • Compass - You decide how to handle GPS or Magnetic. Use magnetic switches underground or in caves.
  • Custom unit reporting: USA, Marine, or units reported as SI / Metric
  • Detailed help file
  • Excellent customer service
  • Supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

With GPS Waypoints Navigator, every navigation experience is as easy as walking in the park!

Add the latest

  • GPX, KML and KMZ file editing. Export your company as a GPX file and make it OPPSTREETMAP. Important GPX files from GARMIN. KML The files are best viewed on GOOGLE Earth.
  • Card Manager
  • Paid Search
  • Payment Calculator
  • Marine markers
  • Maze Photoshop
  • Map
  • Support ALTITUDE: Select "Satellite", "United States Geological Survey", "Location-Based Alt Irrigation" or "MapQuest Altitude Service". USGS and Mapquest data are generally more accurate but require a network connection. USGS is only available in adjacent US, Canada, and Mexico.

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