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Hindu Calendar 2.2.1 (Full Unlocked) Apk for Android App 2022

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2.2.1 for Android
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Jul 25, 2020

Hindu Calendar 2.2.1 (Full Unlocked) Apk for Android

The Panchang, also known as the Panchang, is used for the five elements of Vedic astrology such as Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan, and Var. Days of the week. When these five elements are combined for one day, they are called almanacs. These five elements change the speed of the moon and the sun every day. Hence, followers of Hinduism refer to the Panchang every day. Panchang is also known as a Hindu calendar lender.

Hindu Calendar is one of the most popular mountain art on the internet. It has been made available for Android devices just like www.DrikPanchang.com. This basic almanac, which does not require an internet connection to use, has the following features.
Grid Calendar - The grid can be configured for both lunar and solar calendar lenders for Bengali Panjika, Malayalam Panchamgam, Oriya Panaji and Tamil Panchamgam. The lunar calendar can be customized by selecting Purnimant and Amanta options and Vikram Samvat, Saka Samvat and Gujarati Samvat options. This choice can turn the lunar calendar into Gujarati Panchang, Telugu Panchang, or Kannada Panchang.
Festivals - Inspired Panchang is a comprehensive source for listing Hindu and Indian festivals, government holidays, anniversaries and fasting days of each month, including Ekadashi, Sankashti, Pradosham, Purnima, Sankranti, Durgashtami and Shivratri. The Drink Panchang lists all lunar eclipses and solar eclipses of the year.
Horoscope Support - Druk comes with Almanac horoscope support and can generate Lagna, Navmesh, Sun, Moon and Venus horoscopes for any date, time and place. For ascending horoscope, detailed planetary positions are shown for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, True Rahu, True Ketu, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Horoscopes can be created in North Indian or South Indian map format. With the help of Horoscope Editor, Horoscopes can be saved, edited, deleted or opened. Each horoscope is run with Dasha and inner running knowledge. Horoscopes offer the opportunity to explore detailed status and mood for the next 120 years.
Daily Panchang - In addition to the list of the five basic elements of the Panchang, the detailed daily Punch includes Panchak, Ganda Mula, Bhadra, Vinchudo and Ravi, Amrita, Sarparth Siddhi, Tripushkar, Dvadushkara, Ravi Pushya and Guru Pushya Yoga. Were published.
The daily Panchamgam also has a list of Abhijit Muhurta, Amrut Kalam, Rahu Kalam, Gulikai Kalam, Yamagandha, Dur Muhurtam, Varjyam and Anandadi Yoga.
Muhurta Sarni - Chal Panchag Chogadia, Shubh Horai and Uday Lagan come day and night. Each running moment is displayed with a countdown timer.
Vedic Timer - Vedic time, also known as Ishtakalal, is provided to keep track of time according to the Vedic age of Hinduism. In Vedic times, every day (from sunrise to sunrise) is divided into ghats, palas and violas like hours, minutes and seconds. Considering the Vedic time, 60 ghats make a day, 60 ghats make a ghat and 60 wipes make snow. Shows sunrise from 00:00:00 and sunset from 30:00.
Horoscope Matching - The app can be used to match two horoscopes based on Ashta Kuta. Each matched horoscope result is saved for future reference.
Add a date - Custom dates can be added to Almanman, with reminiscent of Hindu or Gregorian dates.
Localization - The application supports all major Indian languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil or Telugu.
Location - Almanacs can be generated for any location and city around the world to get the exact date of festivals and celebrations. The app has built-in daylight saving time support and no need to adjust daylight saving time.
Theme - Classic themes are set by default and are based on traditional Indian colors. However, it can be changed to modern-looking themes available in red, green and blue colors.

What is new

Wrong bug fix for false full moon / new moon symbols
D Modification as per GDPR and CCPA guidelines

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