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Invasion Modern Empire 1.40.50 Apk + Mod for Android 2019

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1.40.50 for Android
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Sep 12, 2019

Invasion Modern Empire 1.40.50 Apk + Mod for Android

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The free version of the new edition invasion of the modern Invasion Modern Empire is an exciting online combat simulation and RTS game, it is a challenge for you to fight against enemy forces, defeat their army and fight for world domination between global all-enlightenment. Your way to victory in the fight against the most powerful army commanders in the world, starting in March!

Combat with friends and a real-time attack on enemy territory in the combination of exciting warfare is a challenge! Battlefield Strategy is how you have conquered new countries and how to build their base camps. Base Building gives you the opportunity to destroy the world and create an image - train building, soldiers, and exploit your enemies and win tricks for once and for all.

They went to the First World War, there is only one beginning - the governments are declining because of competition in competition for dominance in this glittering new era. What is the rule? Join the fight!

Invasion: Modern Empire Features:

Strategy War Games - Kill the war enemies of enemies face RTS to rule the Holocaust!

  • RTS Games - Real-time military strategy with modern combat and ground construction
  • Destroy the world - there is no chance of enemy forces because its soldiers are all over the world
  • 3D real-time strategy - like a big fight in an action-packed collision you've already seen

Extended City Building Games - Fight For Every Foot And Your Guild Area Of The Land!

  • Guild Wars - Once upon a time winning the online competition in the enemy guild in the World War
  • Multiplayer - claims as their own and is going to expand its empire in enemy territory
  • Base Building Games - All tanks, guns and soldiers who will command them, will help in the war effort
  • It all wins - the victory is yours because you need to expand your army and attack their enemies. But be careful - the enemy can attack your base camp!
Modern War Techniques - Helps in collecting advanced war tactics and cutting-edge technology data

  • Strategy - modern warfare is to know the enemy. Intelligence gathering information dominates opponents!
  • Real-Time Strategy - Earn a real-time panorama map and win!
Combine online - destroy the online war and every society in its own way

  • Online multiplayer - combine online and combat. Have you become the ultimate general?
  • Chat - Alliance Hub offers live chat to find the right team
  • Online multiplayer games - MmO PvP fighting in the field of modern warfare
Fight with monuments in buildings - online PVP "Monument Wars"

  • Online Fight - Online RTS Fight offers a vibrant, always-changing adventure!
  • Create an online strategy - how to match political relationships with other players!
  • Advanced Warfare PVP - PVP gameplay sends you to battle with the number of other players!
After 2020 witness terrorist terrorist foe! In this free strategy game, you are dominated by shooting the enemy, where you create your guild war enemies. What is your next fight to survive in this world?

Download Invasion: Modern Empire and Fight!

Invasion, some real money game items can also be bought. If you do not want to use this feature, please set password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app's settings.

What is new?

Buying a brand new first ad-add reward;
Summer Celebration Events and More Content Couple went;
New officers were added;
The new captain Tina Fox comes;
Optimized to provide Spirit Captain with strategic benefits;
Call and adjust supplementary selection rules;
Secret Order Store, Blood Diamond Store, Captain Arrived optimized the event and confirmed the pop-up for a double-by-buy purchase.


1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited energy
3. Unlimited food
4. Unlimited steel
5. Unlimited Oil
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