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Magic Puzzle Quest Apk + Mod for Android App 2022

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May 12, 2017

Magic Puzzle Quest Apk + Mod for Android

Magic Puzzle Quest game to bring the original multi-universe to life, 3 joins the acclaimed card game with RPG! Create the ultimate deck construction, powerful planeswalkers recruitment and competitive PVP, Alliance, spells and creatures unleash your opponents sense of events and more!

All new developments and PVP Battle Play
All new weekly events ahead of the competition and asynchronous PVP games! Protects Innistrad plane, Magic the Gathering, or research in the world rankings Kaladesh Emrakul's destruction - the players around the world Puzzle Quest! Play against other deck and the latest set of the legendary and rarely win great new rewards including cards! Five colours in the heart of each master and the last player to better fight against the other for rewards!

Connect with your friends
Make a connection with your friends and win prizes and enter weekly tournaments with top rankings! Do your friends and chat with new strategies to verify the battle!

His rivals outthink
As you and the top-level asynchronous player vs. player battle at the top of the rankings in a competitive puzzle climb due to test your skills! Saheeli opinion as to devise effective plans and thopters and defeated his opponent with a lethal machine.

Customize your deck
House of War deadly forces of a qualified deck and magic. Such GateWatch or powerful spells unfold in the future, Gisela is like a broken blade Match-3 battle battlefield similar to wild animals. Changes and explore new methods, such as are found to attract, develop new strategies!

Powerful Partner Recruitment
The most powerful planes of the multiverse and a cover, choose to activate this powerful magician. Jess, stay a few steps ahead of your enemy with fraud or furious rage to master the moon, missed Pyromancer. OB Nixilis or malicious Sorin Markov Kiora or two-colour Mages such as recruiting new planeswalkers.

Missed your worlds
Because the moon destroy your enemies fireball, or black magic dead Liliana will be increased with the help of the world's unique abilities. Their world-class and spells to destroy your enemies.


Now fight with GateWatch, Zendikar, more shade and deck Innistrad ethereal moon vows Kaladesh. Card sets updated regularly.
Manage deck and defeat a powerful opponent of the new strategy.
Deep RPG levelling experience and expertise of your world and more powerful.
PVP, quickly match Top Rank fights and competitions to win first prize.
Each tournament champion, winning five colours PVP and better rewards event.

What is new:

MTGPQ 2.0.1!
Special regulations for the event deck - the deck
Deck slot - You can now create more deck and save the world to him
Theme Deck - prefabricated deck
Planeswalker menu user interface improvements
Improved Auto-deck system
Quick action is now a new award Training Area
- Card balance and efficiency improvements
To remove a computer program or system errors -
For the full update notes in English, see


  • Godmod
  • Huge DMG
  • Enemy monsters 0 Statistics
  • Enable bypass (music disabled)"

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