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Monster Killer 0.23.2 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) Android App 2022

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0.23.2 for Android
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Dec 30, 2020

Monster Killer 0.23.2 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) Android

Monster Killer Have you ever known the well-known story of Jack the Ripper, the unknown serial killer of La Cana who strangled the victims and never used a gun? Do you think Van Gogh was hiding behind this monstrous nickname? Have you ever thought that you are going to compete with the only known serial killer in Icelandic history, lar Ksler-Bajrun?

"Hitman" or "Archer" is popular as Victorian criminals, violent battles, incredible gameplay, realistic situations and more rigorous content in our offline fly shooting game!

If you want to fight evil, start being the new Batman and satisfy the killers as well as the killers independently, then hurry to download this unique RPG game where you will need all the thugs to have monsters, use bandits and other bad guys. You have all the knowledge, skills and experience! Each player immerses himself in the vibrant, realistic atmosphere of 19th-century London, walking the narrow streets and into the grocery store in words - they live a simple life. However, you have to keep your eyes open in the evening: Twilight in the capital is full of great dangers and monsters ... All the evil and dark magic waking up at night ... These evil monsters are secretly planning to destroy the world, and you aim The plan is to stop! Do you want to be a hero and improve your leadership skills?

The main objective of the game is to kill all the monsters in the suburbs of London (if you accidentally kill a random friend with a gun in Hackney it will be thanks to the people: D). The game itself will be very interesting because all the monsters in this shooting game are different from each other and have wonderful magical abilities: some enemies use a combination of dark magic and deadly spells, others can use weapons. And someone has great parkour skills! But they are all hateful, cruel and stronger than you! This role-playing game is not just a sensitive player game or a boring shooting game: you have to give each individual monster an individual approach and identify its weaknesses. To thwart their plans and not let them kill you, you need to choose the right weapon and try to shoot very effectively. If you think you can do it with a game pistol, you're making a big mistake - nothing of value is easy! So you have the following weapons and useful devices in your arsenal:

  • Chakra - a weapon thrown from the Indian subcontinent;
  • Winchester Rifles;
  • Multi-loaded revolvers;
  • One-shot and multi-shot weapons to shoot your enemy;
  • Bows, arrows and crossbows for wild hunters and bowlers;
  • Epic hidden blades and other hardcore tools.

Many different types of weapons make you not only an epic archer but also a talented assassin who can fight all monsters and kill all their bosses. Our game mission covers everything from archery to jungle climbing. There are different levels and modes. Real gameplay will definitely make you feel like a hero!

Choose the weapon of your choice and kill monsters and other enemies in many places because the devils don't just come from Ox Oxford Street. Of course, sometimes you have to take part in a bloody jungle shooting battle and go to war with the killers. Be careful because many people have already disappeared into the evil forest. Try to be smart while enjoying different places at the same time and save citizens from real evil!

If you shoot one geek at a time and successfully fight evil, you can take advantage of our new feature - the gift system that increases your chances! Unlock different items and get unique bonuses! So easy

Start your adventure, dear archer! We wish you a real hero! This game will be an unforgettable experience!

What is new

  • New user interface
  • Fixed some bugs

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