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Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards 0.15.6 Apk + Mod + Data Android 2020

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0.15.6 for Android
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Jul 17, 2020

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards 0.15.6 Apk + Mod + Data Android

Have fun and bring goals New Season and Card is the new soccer football game that has started on your mobile! Download the football game now and start your adventure in the professional world of football as a football player. You can play all over the world in the Football League, and if you are a good player, you will be invited by the national football team to go to the Football World Trophy International Tournaments!

You start in a small team with a minor soccer league, but if you have important objectives, the heroes of your football team, they will be playing a high league game from the other major football team we started signing and trying to be the heroes of every game in the history of football!

Enter a footballer to train with your peers to improve your players on a good football field and football tickets to win both victories and leagues, training your skills for one day each match. If you can win every football game, you can go to the casino with their peers or their social status and luxury will be signed by sponsors to purchase a lot more potential customers.

There are many different football tickets and each has a different effect on your players: you can improve football agents to create a better football team and find cards with personal trainers, your strength, speed, power, technique and kicks, cards, Play soccer shoe and not every card to play, but less importantly soccer match with a higher level to play in the last place, you can make the difference between the matches offensive and defensive. There is a right card for making a strategy.

If you can't push your career forward, because paying attention to your trainer, girlfriend, teammates, fans and sponsors and their relationships with them is not as good a relationship as you, and you will be Spanish in the World and World Football Trophy. League and English League The most important football European football team will play the best football teams in the world will not win the tournament.

There are a lot of new features on the Football Star 2020 football card:

When their football card ⚽Use: League and Collect Football Cards started playing every weekend to improve your football. You can be in your football card business, do you have to improve each and get the effectiveness of winning another game and game heroes with the Alliance!
Awesome Goal ⚽Score: We have created many games of different kinds of difficulty to score free kick, penalty or score every football game of Caesar and Hero!
⚽Train your soccer skills: Each match will be the best football player to improve your technique, strength, power, speed and free football tickets and free kick and bring this soccer game!
Luxury Life ⚽Have: Winning Football Matches Each of the football games you are entitled to be able to buy coins in luxury cars, luxury homes and more items. All of these things will help you have a good relationship with sponsors, and you can influence the football game of your girlfriend and friends.

You can win many Boost Country football games because of your team in the highest division. Remember that the best soccer football sports clubs champion soccer tournaments and football world trophies in Europe. We know you have the best for this football match and all football matches!

Football is a game, so we expect these football tickets to become all the points that your players are likely to make significant progress and now have to offer the best football player in his career, in which many different things must come to mind, as the hero of the team's goals. Chat Lounge


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What is new

Then to offer the best football game for our players, we are ready to start working a new version 24/7 with upgrades! 🎮
The way you buy from now is by purchasing a football ticket unit🆕 organized unit purchase card set
🛠️We fixed the error, new chests were involved at the start
🤓Few view properly🤓 bug fixes

Setting up:

Your device will install it on "" APK "".
"" Android / OBB "" "" "" folder.
Enter the game. 

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