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T4Travel DongThap 1.0.7 (Full Latest) Apk for Android App 2023

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Jul 23, 2020

T4Travel DongThap 1.0.7 (Full Latest) Apk for Android

Considering the tourist situation in T4Travel DongThap Province, there are many difficulties due to infrastructural facilities, transportation systems, monotonous and strong tourist products, poor quality of service, no matter how many recreational places. , Entertainment. At the same time, advertising and tourism promotion are not yet impressive or effective.

According to the promotional material, "Dong Thap Province Tourism Development Project 2015 to 2020 (attached to the official letter No. 1803-CV / BTGTU dated May 29, 2015 by the Ministry of Public Affairs and Province Party Committee Training)". Dong Thap has become the fastest growing and important industry of the province to promote the tourism development of the province.

However, the promotion of tourism in the province is mainly based on social networks, websites, television, mobile applications and tourism maps.

At the moment, the book has a lot of content in supermarkets or places to visit, maps with travel materials that talk about places, specialties and the introduction of vehicles in Dong Thap Province or Vietnam. ;; Tourists from outside the province (for domestic visitors) or foreign tourists feel a little inconvenienced when traveling as they have to have a book, newspaper, map or gender document. Introduction to some special places.

On the other hand, with the rapid development of information technology in general, and search engines of social network websites in particular; Especially Facebook and Google. When searching for the phrase "travel dong that", 2-page users will find many results to choose between Facebook and Google. The province presented tourist attractions on its official website: Dong Thap (dongthap.gov.vn), Dong Thap Radio and Television (thdt.vn), Dong Thap newspaper (Baodongthap. Vn).

The announcement, introducing the province's tourist destinations and services, was developed as a broadcast event: Dong Thap to welcome visitors, Dong Thap Tourism at VTIM 2016 or Dong Thap Tourist Week at Ho Chi Minh City Meeting 2017. Sa Dec. This type of advertising provides tourists with more reliable information about the introduction; however, this results in visitors actively updating travel information from various pieces of information: television, newspapers

In addition, some travel agents or travel agents may hire more tour guides (inside or outside the province) to make it easier for the visitor to travel or commute. However, with this type of visitor, you will have to spend a lot of money to lose some freedom of travel or force yourself to follow the rules of the delegation.

In addition to the (tourist) group, they need a source of information: tourist places need to be updated: regularly, precisely; Road map; Menu with leisure, entertainment, and special dishes, rest restaurants ...

For this reason, research and application development (website, mobile phone) supports the promotion of tourism. It is important to note that this is the true meaning of the burning up of bad psychic imprints. This app is a travel companion, a paper map in the guide or even an old compass visitor from Dong Thap Province who no longer needs mobile devices connected to the Internet or an Android smartphone. I was able to travel all over Dong Thap province.

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