Download Traffix 3.98 (–Full Paid–) Apk for Android 2019 icon

Download Traffix 3.98 (–Full Paid–) Apk for Android 2019

Games , Simulation
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3.98 for Android
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Oct 01, 2019

Download Traffix 3.98 (–Full Paid–) Apk for Android

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Simple rules and minimal functions in no time you will be delighted based on Traffix!

Highway chaos, stress and anger the place is always present, especially in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Istanbul and major cities such as Las Vegas. When the driver is aware of the need for security and control of traffic lights in order to maintain peace.
Start Chaos War world!


Simple rule: Touch highway traffic lights change colour at the right time and managed. It works just like the green, usually with yellow and red traffic lights.

Minimalist: you will find in almost every car, bus or van. There's a truck, a train and an airplane also specialize in service. Your job? Make sure it is not broken.

Cool: Traffix thinking you do not push too hard. Each new city that will delight your senses and help you relax.
Tricky level Traffix visual features are very simple and minimalist, but some cities may be very difficult to change! The slightest distraction could cause a serious accident.

Everyone hates traffic. Even if it's just how Traffix.

Now there is a way to spread some peace to control chaos and roads.
Traffix on highway administrator. Each city will actually deliver a dose of chaos. Touch the traffic light at the right time, you can avoid the flow of control and aggressive drivers.

It does not wait for the drivers is very important, or they are crazy.
On the other hand, do not rush, or they will crash!
Tap at the right time and have to wait for the traffic lights to guide them to their destination in the car.

Red lights are standard. Yellow lights turn on at the right time and wait for the car. If the road is empty, double-tap to activate the green light!
Traffix to figure out which way will work much faster thanks to the minimalist and evocative elements.

The rules are simple:

RAD is closed to all vehicles. All Red Light will have no trouble there after some time.
Yellow: This will allow you to pass a car. Automatic red. Yellow light is a safe game.
Green: Double-tap the green light to turn on. Open traffic lights and allows you to promote all the cars. Most accidents within the green traffic light.

Chaotic manner:

It is available in a variety of game modes. Chaos Mode professionals will amaze you with its simplicity and amazement. How to understand from the name, it is an additional burden and crazy.

If you live in a police car to your destination safely. It was an accident and you lose.
Do you think you can complete all the cities? This is your time to prove.

To play all over the world!

Traffix features the world's busiest cities. Stress linked to distant sites, and the illusion of peace. As you progress, the highway becomes more and more chaotic.

At this point, one of two things: either you are away from challenges or aggressive drivers.

See you on the road!