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Ultimate Bird Simulator 1.3 (Full Paid) Apk for Android 2019

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1.3 for Android
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Jul 03, 2019

Ultimate Bird Simulator 1.3 (Full Paid) Apk for Android

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A majestic eagle, sharp Falcon or colorful parrots flying high in a new adventure! The first time you can choose to play Twelve Angry Birds! Large-scale hunting realistic world food, eggs, and poultry, which increase your herd playable unlock exciting new places you can experience the bird life!

Last bird simulator, Ultimate Bird Simulator today

Brand new features

Realistic simulator
The vast blue sky, you need to maintain control over your health, hunger, thirst, and energy!

Twelve playable Bird
Choose your favorite bird species in the same game! An eagle, a crow, parakeets, ducks, owls, hawks, cranes, gulls, jays, de, cockatoo, and hummingbirds! Each species has its own family, the experience and the level!

Dangerous boss battles
Six exciting owners test their skills against the slaughter! Death lies waiting in the wings away from the opponents, the blood! The summit is covered with snow seen a dangerous cat waiting to take advantage of their entire herd!

Make their herds
Controlling other birds or enjoy them, recruit them to your family! Flock to play and how to adapt to each bird and powerful family!

Increase your kids
Hatch rate increases as influential members of your family! 
Customize your bird
Choose your pet's name, appearance, abilities and attributes are complemented his flock and become more powerful members of the group!

A further increase in the level Vogel
Catch and eat their prey, care of his family and the mission of the whole experience! In order to increase the loss of their data update, make their health and attack points, and immediately go to the upper level of the size of your mob increase in your bunch!

State get points
State health bonus points may be used to provide for heavy attack, the flight speed signals, and even more!

Fans have been encouraged
Fond of the sound of his points like Broken and call, which can be used to enable you to upgrade your bird temporary stat-enhancing auras!

Your goal is to wear them in real dangling his talons!

DYNAMIC season, weather and day/night cycle
Exclusive storm clouds, with the sun and stars procedural weather system! And change the brand new season!

Heavy realistic 3D environment
World amended so great that we stay out of the sixteen unique Cave your birds! See the dense mountain forest, a tropical jungle island, a dry rocky soil, and the snow-capped peaks of the Arctic!

Dozens of enemies
squirrels, rabbits, mice, deer, birds, crabs, fish, raccoon, fox, beetles, feeding, beetles, ants, geckos and prey animals, such as many more! Small birds, fruits, seeds, and can hunt for nectar from flowers!

Optional blood effects
If you are old or have permission from their parents to fight again added to the effect of new blood cruelty!

Gluten-free promise
With all our games you always get the full version with no ads or additional purchases!

Download traffic for the vast sky the birds to take your favorite simulator, a high-flying bird life!

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What is new

+ Support for 64-bit architectures
+ Fixed a bug Crow
+ Low memory requirements and file size"