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Ultimate Jungle Simulator 1.2 (Full Paid) Apk for Android 2019

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1.2 for Android
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Jul 03, 2019

Ultimate Jungle Simulator 1.2 (Full Paid) Apk for Android

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Powerful Gorilla wise lemurs or hyphens in his new adventure as a deadly tiger! Choose from ten playable animals! Food Hunting rainforest, improve your family, and new playable in beautiful yet dangerous animals living in the forest as an exciting experience!

Download the last wild Ultimate Jungle Simulator Simulator

Brand new features

Realistic simulator

You need to keep their health thirst, hunger, energy, rule of the jungle!
Ten playable animals
Choose your favorite types of game animals in the forest! A Tiger, Lemur, frog, gorilla, Macaw parrots, leopards, pandas, sloth, snakes, and a chimpanzee! Each species has its own family, the experience and the level!
Dangerous boss battles
Six exciting owners test their skills against the slaughter! Massive sees a hidden snake waiting to strike at bay rotating! King of the jungle expects any challenge in your domain!

Create your family

Dominion over other animals or to recruit your family a treat for him to bring them! It packs a powerful family drama and how to adapt to every creature!

Increase your kids

Children race that grows as influential members of your family! When they are young to get their food and babysitting carry them in your mouth!

Customize your creature

Choose your pet's name, appearance, abilities, and attributes complement your pack members and become a more powerful group!

Level up your animals

Catch and eat their prey, avoid predators, to take care of your family and the mission of the whole experience! In order to increase the damage, and immediately to their health and attack points to update their data in order to increase the size of their animal level of your pack!

State get points

State points of bonus health, perhaps the most serious attack, can also be used for features such as running speed, and much more to offer!

Fans have been encouraged

Fond points such as hiss and roar of temporary stat-boosting improvements Aura when they can be used to enable you to make your creature!


Your goal is now real, as it dangling from his jaws and pull!

DYNAMIC weather and day/night cycle

Exclusive storm clouds, with the sun and stars procedural weather system!

Heavy realistic 3D environment

Research so great that the world we are living in a cave is made of twenty-four of your animals! Hunting in the dense forest, the roots of trees and swamp in high building water Braves filled Piranha!

Dozens of enemies

Below tigers, leopards, gorillas, chimpanzees, toucans, snakes, fish, turtles, elephants, bats, monkeys, deer, crocodiles, giraffes, squirrels, Flamingo, Frog, Iguana, tiger, panda bears, parrots, monkeys, sloth-like animals hunting, warthogs and many more!

Optional blood effects

If you are old or have permission from their parents to fight again added to the effect of new blood cruelty!

Gluten-free promise

With all our games you always get the full version with no ads or additional purchases!
Download the Last Wild simulator transport of dangerous creatures and filled with dense rain forest with your favorite wild animal life to live!
If you want to live in the jungle, you'll love our other animal simulators! Download our Ultimate Cat Simulator and stay in the city like a wild cat, or wolves try the ultimate wolf simulator and howl on the moon with their pack!

What is new

+ Added compatibility with 64-bit architecture
+ Delete every drama recording
+ Reduce File Size
+ Many bug fixes