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Unit Converter Pro 2.1.06 Premium Apk for Android 2020

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2.1.06 for Android
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Feb 10, 2017

Unit Converter Pro 2.1.06 Premium Apk for Android

Unit Converter with more than 30 categories of units is used in everyday life is the simple, smart and elegant tool. There is a wide range of such a unit to play Google Play very easy and unit conversion functions with just the app store optimized user interface.
Our Unit Converter App Store unit in the highest Google Our app is more than Amillion user base. Our unit converter program is that such a transforming tool serves your daily activities as a different user with a high level of business use of their purpose. It is very important and beneficial to convert tools and compelling user experience.

Unit Converter App Features:

✓ Real-time currency converter with 160+ currencies through the world and its current exchange rate.
✓You can convert all 160+ world currencies without having to connect to the Internet Offline Exchange feature.
✓ transducer unit is the highest number among all other unit conversion areas.
✓ Now, together with other converter units, financial calculators and mathematical calculator.
✓ The computer's time zone and daylight saving time to calculate the difference.
✓ Des leads, including the calculation of the fuel, which is important conversion tool, temperature, volume, speed, weight, use of the computer room in everyday life, angle, power, viscosity, strength, power, torque, density and more ...
✓ Built-in calculator, unit converter basics of arithmetic operations on the fly.
✓ integrated search functionality.
✓ metric and imperial units support
✓ Add function and optimize favourite units.
✓ Add a task to your own unit conversions.
✓ The first conversion unit shows the support for the latest content and application design.
✓ more than 30 significant unit section
✓ is freely available on all the cool features no restrictions.

Small-screen phone, the PS unit language and a wide range of devices designed to facilitate the conversion of the system with the aim to support the world of tablets on the big screen. We can come to support in the future to add the number of applications and units. Thank you for your support.

What is new:

Version 1.2.06
* Added Scientific and thousands separator structure
* Added viscosity, frequency and flow rate units, and more
* Unit conversion 14000+, 40+ equipment classes
* Updates
Version 2.1.01
* Basic units and advanced unit conversion
* Updates
Version 2.0.87
* Financial and mathematical transformation
* Multiple Unit Conversion Support
Version 2.0.84
* Offline currency translation support - 160+ currencies
* An Android Support

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