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unWorded 1.01 (Full Paid) Apk for Android 2020

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1.01 for Android
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Jul 07, 2019

unWorded 1.01 (Full Paid) Apk for Android

Some of the characters in the story where everything unWorded is an innovative puzzle game. The story of a writer admitted after a serious accident Letters used to create objects by declaring hospital, assemble your imagination ..

Dive and inspected his damaged heart strange and creative worlds through his miraculous tales safety. This story helps their memories and thoughts in text-based riddles. Think out of the box to form a Thousand Words related to images of the canvas, drag the letters and characters Memorizing the shared traceability documentation, Unworded Unique, emotionally inspired by the fascinating story of this letter inspired indie masterpiece, is the inner workings of complex human brains with its poetic and dream puzzles appealing.

Other conditions, many of the world's mobile Events Legend was one of two men team and assign puzzle unWorded:

- Radius Festival (Austria 16.07): Official Selection
- respawn (Germany 16/8): Connect the large casual prices
- Tokyo Game Show (Japan 16.9): Official Selection
- Surprise Sens Night (Japan 16.9): Best Art Award
- Indie Game Competition (France, 0916): Final
- Indigo (from 16.09): Official Selection
- Game Connection Award (France 10/16): Nominated Best Narrative / Best Mobile Game
- Product with organized Unity (USA 11/16): Official Selection
Easily connect Indie Award: - Germany: 17.02
20 final nominations: - Google Play Indie Game Competition (England 17/02)

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Supported languages: English, French

Artistic Statement
unWorded results of a deep love for printing. It only makes sense to convey the paper, but it can also bring a strong sense of space. We were wondering if we could build a whole world out of the ordinary character? What would it look like? What's the feeling that we get before we were due to being immersed in a universe! In addition, a memoir of the author's desire to create a bubble to dive to see his ideas as head and conscient. We have to make things much easier to combine the characters choose to end exciting gaming experience, but significant memory solves each author. We actively participate in the aspect of the possible author of the players in the intimacy of his introspection experience.

We really wanted to tell a story about feelings and thoughts through unWorded. Game Dare deals with subject B as it is not easy for us to discuss all go through, but it is. Shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance sad Players Author: B is to live each stage. A children's book author, who is in hospital after a serious accident almost unWorded story. Near his bed, while his wife read the stories of their own creations, then immerse yourself in the sense of how to divide up the door to remember your final thoughts about his life and his actions in the past!

unWorded Team
Original and creative game production: from 2010 in Lyon Bento mobile games based team, two passionate individuals that have been made, brought together by a common project. Severin takes its programming, while not life-breath Benoit engine is running with games, art, sounds and music. A story with unWorded Bento dream team really expected to have a meaningful story of his long message!"

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