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AVG Cleaner Pro 5.3.3 (Unlocked) Apk Pour Android 2021

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5.3.3 Pour Android
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AVG Cleaner Pro 5.3.3 (Unlocked) Apk for Android

With AVG Cleaner, your Android device will run faster, easier, store more data, remove junk emails, free up memory and keep you charged for longer. AVG Cleaner is an intelligent device management and optimization tool that has been installed by nearly 50 million users.

Download AVG Cleaner - Memory (RAM) Booster and Junk Cleaner for Android Phones Now!

Key Features of AVG Cleaner:

Remove preinstalled apps - Remove preinstalled apps to save space and improve performance

Get more storage - Remove junk files, uninstall apps, and delete broken or unwanted photos and videos.

Performance Improvement - Use a cleaner to clear the cache, remove junk, and identify applications (RAM cleaner and memory booster) that slow down your device.

Helps with longer battery life - The cleaner's battery saver function improves the battery life of your device.

Ber Hibernate Apps - Disable background apps to extend battery life and save mobile data

About the phone system - On a screen that needs information about your phone

Manager File Manager - Intelligent file managers and garbage collectors can analyze images, files and applications to enhance the performance of your Android device

Unbank Junk Cleaner - Remove unnecessary waste from your device. Cache and application data

AVG Cleaner lets you enjoy longer battery life, avoid delayed Android devices, remove junk files, and automatically detect poor quality or duplicate photos.

AVG Cleaner - Memory (RAM) Booster and Junk Cleaner is a smart analysis and cleanup application that offers more storage, better performance, and longer battery life.

The boosters, garbage collection, cache cleaning, battery saver, garbage collection and application removal features are listed below:

Cleaner: Advanced Application Remover and Application Manager:

► Remove pre-installed apps: Do you have pre-installed Bloboware applications that you don't need? We can prevent them from slowing down your device

► Analy application analyzer: With AVG Cleaner, you can identify applications that consume your battery, free up mobile data, or take up a lot of storage space. So you can easily clean them.

► Rem Application Remover: Easily remove apps that are slowing down your device

► RAM Cleaner: Enhance your phone's RAM and clear the display in a few steps

► Files Cache Cleaner: Delete the application cache, temporary files, and the rest of the data

► Easily analyze applications for memory, RAM, battery, data usage or usage.

Cleaner: Photo Analyzer:

► Fast and easy optimization of photo galleries

► Add bad quality or double photo

► Just clear your photo library

Cleaner: Battery saver and Tim reducer:

► Hi app hibernate: Hibernate applications can extend battery life and allow the device to run longer

► Tery Battery Profile and Optimization: Choose between "Low Battery", "Home", "Work" and "Car" profiles, or manually set how you want to adjust battery usage. (30-day free trial)

Cleaner: Analysis and optimization with just one touch

  • Wipe your device with the push of a button
  • Scan the device and analyze with tape

Media Browser

  • Analysis.Access to image analysis results
  • Freeze images to save space
  • Sort media in source folders
  • All large video files in the Scene view

App Overview

  • Split Apps Apps Analysis
  • Usage statistics
  • Analysis to increase application size
  • Ification suggestion analysis
  • High-speed advertising

Clean your phone to free up space, ensure smooth, fast operation and speed and performance. Provide more storage for apps, photos, and other accessories for junk, clear cache, load memory, remove bad quality, similar or duplicate photos.

By installing this application, you agree to the use of the following terms and conditions: http://m.avg.com/terms

This app uses to help disabled users and other users stop all background apps with just a single tap.

Download AVG Cleaner, Booster and Berry Tree Saver for Android. Now

What is new?

  • Better experience on board
  • Many surface polishes on the screen
  • Improves stability

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