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Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) 1.3.8 Apk + Mod Unlocked 2021

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Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) 1.3.8

Apk + Mod Unlocked

Chess King Lear ( is a unique collection of chess courses. There are courses in Strategy, Strategy, Opening, Midgame and Endgame, which separates experienced players from professional players.

With this program, you can improve your knowledge of chess, learn new strategic tricks and combinations and integrate edited knowledge in procurement.

The program acts as a coach that gives you the task to solve and help stuck. This will give you a hint, make clear and show that you can make mistakes which you can do.

Some courses include the theoretical part that explains the game methods in the specific stage of the game using real-world examples. This theory was presented interactive, which means that you can not only read the text but can also enter the board.

Program Benefits:

  • Nas high-quality examples double-check for accuracy
  • Input, you must enter all the required keys by the teacher
  • Various complexity of complex tasks
  • In the case of problems, different targets for addressing are a problem
  • The program returns an error
  • Representation was shown for the general wrong movements
  • And you can play against any computer situation
  • Interactive theoretical lessons
  • Structural content table
  • The program monitors changes in Player Rating (ELO) during the learning process
  • Test mode with flexible settings
  • Ability to bookmark favorite exercise
  • The app has been optimized for tablets on large tablets
  • An application does not require an internet connection

Verknü You can link the application to a free chess card account while solving the curriculum on some devices on Android, iOS and the web.

In the application, the courses are divided by subject and level so that you can choose the most suitable course

Each course has a free section where you can check and practice the program. Prior to the actual version, the free version text is completely efficient before purchasing the full version. Every course should be purchased separately. However, you can buy a membership which gives you limited access to all courses for a limited time.

In the application you can take the following courses:

  • Chess: From the beginning to the club player
  • Chess Strategy and Strategy
  • Chess Strategies (1400-1800 Elo)
  • Bobby is Fisher
  • Manual for Che Chess Combinations
  • Chess Strategy for Beginners
  • Advanced protection (Chess puzzle)
  • Chess Strategy (1800-2400)
  • O Total Chess Endogues (1600-2400 Elo)
  • ART CT-ART checkmate theory
  • Chess combination
  • AC chess mid-games
  • Chess Strategy for Beginners
  • CT-ART 4.0 (Chess Strategy 1200-2400 Elo)
  • On May 1, 2, 3-4
  • Che primary chess strategy
  • Error opening Chase
  • Chess for beginners
  • Chess Opening Lab (1400-2000)
  • Chess Endgame Studies
  • Hold your claws
  • Sergei Karajkin - classic chess player
  • Sicilian Defense Chess Strategy
  • Chess strategy in the French defense
  • Chess Strategy in Kero-Ear Defense
  • Chess strategy in the defense of Grenfeld
  • Chess school to start
  • Sc Scandinavian Conservation Strategy
  • Mikhail Pool
  • Easy Defense
  • Magnus Carlson - a chess master
  • The strategy of Rajas Chess in Indian Defense
  • Chess strategy in open games
  • Chess Strategy in Sulfur Defense
  • Chess Strategy in Volga Gambit
  • Espe Gary Kasparov
  • Anand Viswanathan Anand
  • Vladimir Kramnik
  • Alexander Akliten-in
  • Mikhail Botvin
  • L. Emanuel Lasker
  • Jose Raul Capablanca
  • En Encyclopedia Knowledge of chess mix
  • Wilhelm Steinitz
  • A Universal Chase Opening: 1. D4 2. NF3 3. E3
  • Chess Strategy Guide
  • For Chess: A status list reporter
  • Per Chess: List of aggressive opening rappers

What is new?

* Subscriptions added! Now you can buy a membership for all courses!

* Added Arabic, Filipino, Indonesian and Vietnamese translations

* Added scroll to statistics graph

* Various fixes and improvements

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