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GPS Fields Area Measure PRO 3.9.1 Apk Android App 2022

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3.9.1 Pour Android
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sept. 17, 2020

GPS Fields Area Measure PRO 3.9.1 Apk Android

Watts Shop cool the limited size of the application!

This is what you really need!
Do you need a simple, intuitive POI management measure in your area, distance, perimeter app?
Pro your GPS field area Measure

Differences from the free version:

- No Ads
- Search and rescue search
- to a POI (point of interest), to store and share with others
- Import KML
- ML exports
- Fields / POIs Color
- group editing and colour
- list of measures with thumbnails Saving New Design Work
- the ability to connect an external GPS receiver for improved accuracy
- Ability to share more than one thing at a time

Other features:

- Fast Expansion / distance / POI marker
- Smart marker placement mode for super-accurate pin location !!!
- Measure Save, Edit, Delete, Run
- before the group and naming
- Remove all measuring tasks
- limits on GPS off / auto measurement/tracking directory of nearby excursions

Our competitors, but we do try to choose our apps better measure POI in your time, wasted size and distance radius to find the best and the rest of the free programs.

Available languages:

Portuguese (BR)
Spanish (CO)
Spanish (MX)

And the best !!
Or automatically generates links to your friends or partners you want to show /category/direction/ path to show a range of labels.

Outdoor Activities GPS-field area, sports, range finder apps, bike tour, or useful as a measuring card device, the travel plan measures, golf driving range, land surveying, golf distance measuring pasture area running meters of surface, garden and agricultural work and projects, field notes, construction, fencing solar panel installation to explore the farm - assessment for the planned visit to the roof area.

Farmers who need to measure fields and fields for wheat, corn, mustard, corn, sugar cane growing and work year after year, field year, it best fits the planting requirements of all.

Agricultural Jobs Yard Farmers, entrepreneurs, farmers of the next use of the application, this application can be opened before they can be opened on each other solid Google maps you can send counting. If you want to take some of their measurements with other users or other equipment, you must export the data.

Among our measurement program which is why we are leading the construction site applications fairs, contractors, land contractors, farmers have the highest accuracy on the market. There are people who, so golf courses spraying, fertilizing, planting, harvesting, plowing, cycling, trips, plan trips, buildings and roads, the construction of gardens and paddock grass beside the turf. Farmers, beef, pork, chicken, cow, they measure over the fence and planer. We also may use the application on the skin between the angle of the pilot fields. Those who have the necessary markers to important places of interest (POI) and then can be shared with other users.

Farmers who John Deere, Claas, New Holland, Case, Fendt, Valtra, Massey Ferguson agricultural Horsch, Hardy, Amazone, Väderstad, LEMKEN, rough, Kuhn, farms, tractors or Simba and harvest size Pro other agricultural machinery, as with GPS fields with daily tasks

What is new:

Version 6.3.13:
- The removal of a computer program or system errors.

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