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KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker 3.51b30911 (Full) Apk Pour Android 2021

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3.51b30911 Pour Android
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nov. 08, 2020

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker 3.51b30911 (Full) Apk for Android

Unique your Android launcher with the most powerful live and wallpaper maker ever! Create your own design and see all the data you need at once and use the wonderful WYSIWYG editor with amazing animations (get what you see) If you are looking for a renter or konki for Android, this is it! Do you just need a widget but so powerful? Check out KWGT.

With Custom, you can use digital and analog clocks (with second hand), animated patterns, live map backgrounds, weather widgets, material background images, text background images, advanced CPU / memory displays, gamma images, randomly Can create. Astronomical data and more. Imagination has limits.

Launcher support

Animation only works on beginners who fully support Android standards. For example, Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher are fully supported. Some may have trouble. The only known launcher with current problems is the launcher (and we can't fix it). Please see the FAQ for more information.

Please do not use ratings for support/withdrawal questions. Write to [email protected] for a refund or issue. Check out our Reddit community for choices

They received:

- Initially some skins and some components (widget in custom)

- Barrel free presetting in the presented section

Text with custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects

- Shapes like oval, insects, arcs, triangles, exaggerations and more

- 3D flip change, curved and distorted text

- Graduation, shadow, tile and color filters

- Coopers like progress bars and chains

- Layers with overlay effects such as Pro Image / Image Editing programs (blur, clear, ex, difference, saturation)

- Touch action/hotspots for whatever you create

- Supports PNG / JPG / WEBP images and SVG (scalable vector graphics) with built-in image scalar

- Notifications in the status bar (text, image package name, etc.)

- Google Health Support (segment, calorie, phase, distance, sleep)

- Animation such as screen position, accelerometer, touch, fade, scaling and scrolling by events

- Support for magnetic sensors/gyroscopes for wallpaper movement or object animation

- A complex programming language with functions, conditional and global variables

- Any wallpapers based on time, location, weather, anything!

- The dynamic download of content via HTTP (live map, weather, etc.).

- Original music utilities (current song title, album, cover game)

- Feel like weather, temperature and more with wind chill

- Multiple weather providers such as Open Weather Map, Euro, AQ Weather (plugin), Darksky (plugin) and more

- RSS and free XML / XPATH / text download

- Job support

- To display large amounts of data: date, time, battery (with estimated duration), calendar, astronomy (sunrise, sunset, lights, sidereal time), CPU speed, memory, countdown, wifi, and cellular status, traffic information, upcoming alarm, Location, movement speed, ROM / device information and more)

Pro will:

- Place Ed

- Support God!

- Import SD and unlock all external skins

- Create an APK preset pack

- Save the world from alien invasion

What is new

- Now you can select many favorite music players in settings

- The favorite music player was not pushed when other players were found

- Fixed bug not valid as YT Music and Google Podcast Players

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