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miMind Easy Mind Mapping 2.46 (Unlocked) Apk Pour Android 2021

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miMind – Easy Mind Mapping 2.46 (Unlocked) Apk for Android

miMind Easy Mind Mapping, plan your ideas installation plan, and they are a powerful tool to share with your friends and colleagues. Develops a list of professional technical concepts in a simple bucket. Includes layouts, color schemes, shapes, application of patterns and dozens more. While you can also share an image, pdf, text or XML file or export.


- User-friendly, intuitive for easy access / navigate and unique interface
- Simple, flexible, smartphone and tablet-optimized user interface.
- Export to various formats: images (JPEG / JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP / Bitmap), PDF, text, XML files
- An exhibit/advertisement, no registration required
- Multi-level, logical, hierarchical structure, multiple layout schemes
- Rich text formatting
- Lines and curves, shapes (squares, rectangles, ovals, circle hexagons, clouds, octagon, etc.)
- Backup online storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox
- Cloud Storage Import
- Copy and paste, copy, re-attach the node
- Undo, zoom, scroll, rotate, crop, drag extends the drop 
- Get out of the car to save 
- Freemind file import


- Notes, scrapbook, slide presentation, flash card
- Project planning and work, home and business management
- Helps to invest focused, goal setting, color coding, functional, qualitative analysis, budget
- Creative Writing Fiction, Novels, Speeches, Summaries (Short Options)
- Add pictures, audio and memories
- Map: Organizational networks, not road maps somewhat Victor drawing
- Tree: Multiple Trees, Binary Trees, Radix Trees, Decision Trees, Tree Family
- Image: diagrams, flowcharts abstract design, class (UML), state, data flow, complex, vein
- List: To-Do List, Shopping List, Checklist
- Plan tours and holidays
- There is something for everyone - student, teacher, entrepreneur, artist, professional or amateur
- And more: Imagination is unlimited.

More info:
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What is new

- Fixed Google Drive with connection some tools issues
- Blurred line shadow on zoom point.
- Problem with key combination hard
- Fixed disappearing map error.
- Many other UI fixes and bug fixes. 

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