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WiFi and Bluetooth Mouse 6.0 Apk Pour Android 2021

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6.0 Pour Android
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WiFi and Bluetooth Mouse 6.0 Apk for Android

The best and most original remote Android mouse and keyboard out. Android Mouse turns your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and more. The connection to your computer is made through your existing WLN or Bluetooth. AndroMouse also has voice output that uses Google Speech recognition to make your job easier.

Works with Windows / M / Q / Linux

*** Advertising

** Ideal for presentations.

* Android Mouse 6.0 has been enhanced with many new features

Relax in your bed and discover YouTube with your voice. In order to use Andromaus, you must be running the Andromaus Desktop .P server on your computer. You can download the free desktop .p server at http://andromouse.com. There you will find an introductory video and short tutorial.

Mouse Functions:

★ Tap

★ Double-tap with two fingers

★ scroll bar

★ Drag easy drag and drop

★ Right-click

★ Left-hand position

★ Middle mouse button

Keyboard Features:

★ standard keyboard

★ And functions and special keys

Other properties:

★ Automatic server detection

★ Language type

★ Wi-Fi (Windows / M / Q / Linux) or connect via Bluetooth (Windows)

★ Save the remote connection

★ Clean UI

Numpad functions

★ Dedicated Money

★ Nucleocl

Media Player Features

★ Media remote control with media button

★ Control Windows Media Player / iTunes / YouTube / Netflix / Spotify

★ Browse the media files on your computer

Remote control of the system

★ Remote Use this remote to reboot/log on / off your system

File Browser

★ Phone Find your computer file on your phone

★ Click on your file to open it on your computer

Game Controller

★ And use the Andromouse as a remote game computer

★ Easily programmable buttons

Introduction Remote control

★ Great for your PowerPoint presentation

★ Photos can also be used in the photo viewer

★ Button to call the next/previous slide

★ Integrated mouse function

★ The possibility to display a computer screen in the In-app


★ Program your own keyboard shortcut

Languages ​​- English, Spanish and French

And much more

Visit www.andromouse.com to learn how to use Android and download a server.

What is new?

Anadromous 6.0

  • Updated interface
  • Greatly improved performance
  • Updates to computer programs or systems
  • New features

Please download the new android server 6.0

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