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Shadow of Death 2 Apk + (GOD Mod) アンドロイド用 2020

ゲーム , Action
151 MB | 130 MB
バージョン: アンドロイド用
5 27, 2020

Shadow of Death 2 Apk + (GOD Mod) for Android


Sequel to Epic Shadow of Death for Death with over 10 million downloads worldwide.

Shadow of Death 2 continues the story of Maximus - the warrior with a clean memory. She wanders in the darkness and fights against demons to bring Roshna back to Ur - the land in which she once lived and once loved. Now, Warrior, are you ready to join Maximus in the next chapter of ora Rora? Challenge the enemies and show them what you have!

New Hack and Slash Fighting Stamps

Experience new fighting styles in Shadow Story Death Only Death 2! Upgrade your weapons, upgrade your abilities, and defeat enemies with sticky candies. Attack the dark power with your stylish actions. Show your skills and give them a taste of your blade.

Ice nice renovation work

En Explore the dark fantasy world of Rora with a new map. More challenges and epic battles await you in the dark where you may have the chance to meet Leviathan - the legendary dragon with deadly destructive breath!

H is the most famous boss of all time

Set huge monsters during your adventure. Be prepared to challenge mysterious creatures that live only in legends, but they aren't. Fight frog slime, giant jellyfish, dragons and more. This is an epic between 1 and 100 that will be enjoyable.

Key Features

  • An exciting world in your pocket
  • 4 different characters with unique fighting styles
  • Customize your heroes with various skins and weapons.
  • Play in challenging offline feline mode anytime, anywhere
  • Level game with Online PvP fights

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What is new?

Our development team constantly improves the game to provide the best mobile entertainment. Thanks for playing and we hope you also support future updates of Shadow Death to Death 2!


- Reduces opponents' HP and ATK

Shadow of Death 2 Apk
Shadow of Death 1: Dark Knight

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