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Soccer Royale Football Stars 1.5.2 (Full) Apk Android 용 2020

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1.5.2 Android 용
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3 07, 2020

Soccer Royale 2020 1.5.2 Apk for Android

Ready to be a Soccer Royale? Welcome to 2018 Royal Football, Play Final Football! This amazing football card strategy game is the perfect mix of strategy and football games. Imagine in front of coaches and players at the same time. Epic Games, where you will feel you Looks like you're in a fight.

Football stars are waiting for you. Choose your favorite communities and be the best player in the world.
Beat your opponents and reach the glory!

Football 2018 Royal, the ultimate football fight! It's true football and card games. Set to play a football game with a conflict playing style? This football game is a new idea! Start preparing now and for the FIFA World Cup 2018th

Make every football game plan before leaving for the stadium. Prepare your football strategies and strategies to win every game. Choose your best football and win every epic duel. All the top stars need to go to Russia in 2018 and protect all the winning play Football World Cup in 2018 and then decide on the best football T-shirt of their team. Only the best clan stars playing football in Russia 2018th

With each card, you defeat a special power-up that your opponent can get every football game Ichduersiees and win trophies.

Play Free Online Royal 2018 Football, The Ultimate Football Fight (you need an internet connection to run)! Challenge your friends and opponents from all over the world.

Do you want to be the manager of your favorite football team? Football 2018 Royal, the ultimate football fight! You offer this! It is a completely free-to-play play, renewed and included in football competitions and clubs around the world.

Choose your club and manage it: line-up, strategies, training, transfer and more!

Lead your clan to victory! Build a strong football team and crush your opponents! Win the trophy and climb the global rankings! Hit the enemy clan and protect your t-shirt! Look and use their cards to unlock new powerful power-ups and strategies! Will you have all the cards in one?

2018 Royal, the ultimate football fight and football game for dozens of collected cards, strategy and skill upgrades. Rival Knock knocked football stars and cups and rewards and reached fame. Share cards of the best football communities form and create your own soccer community.

European and Lionel Messi, top Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar soccer world best football map strategy game await you to play. FC are their counterparts in the Real Football Stars field from Manchester United in Barcelona, ​​Madrid. Exchange and show in the field that you are the best!

Football Royal 2018 Features:

Real-time multiplayer
Enjoy multiplayer mode and set in front of your friends anytime everywhere. Enjoy hot and fresh matches with your friends! Keep up with events in the real world.

Football card strategy game
Football 2018 Royal, the ultimate football fight! The best football card strategy. In this free game, you can enjoy the features of the United football game of the best kind of card games such as skirmish games.

Build acceptance and your team
Get a player through a scouts agent or a scout auction. Choose the best players to fit your unique strategy. Each player is unique and every game is a new experience! You can create your own team and play easy!

Powerups, strategies and strategies
Attack won! Controller functions and gameplay play have been optimized for your mobile device! Used to control the Lord on and on certain passing and shooting controls. Feel the excitement in your main art and score!

Join the League, World Winners
Play, compete and win in the world's best leagues. Russia's Football World Cup 2018 and the World Cup will be back.

What is new

- Donate map here
- Capacity Engy Hard
- Rashid to determine the capacity
- Stability improvements 

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