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E-Robot Pro 1.44.2 Apk voor Android 2021

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1.44.2 voor Android
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feb 05, 2017

E-Robot Pro 1.44.2 Apk for Android

E-Robot Pro: This automatically makes it possible to execute the order is an automation app from your device. If you order, you can choose to perform an event in action.

handle application requests a substitute for other profiles automatically, etc. are the same. Tasker, AutomateIt, Lama, locale, profiles, ...

The application allows you to specify the types of event and more than 130 kinds of more than 80; In addition, all event and action types can be Parameterized, applications, and can be expanded even more versatile and future functionality.

E robot sparked location-based event time, is considered to be the time of application and can handle more.


  • More than 130 Parameterized based on event types (location, depending on the application, evaluation, ...)
  • More than 80 parameterized action types
  • Conditions can be used for both events and tasks
  • Variables and expressions
  • Cells status based on the geo-coordinates, or Wi-Fi network
  • Instruction can be used by itself to trigger the execution of the event or links
  • Manual can be set for the execution of the order is confirmed
  • Efficient operations, there is a screen for review
  • Full backup and the possibility of recovery
  • Debug the history and process orders

3rd party support: Elixir 2 activation profile, action locale plug-in Ipack icon

Find Wi-Fi- based on the location of the new Android 4.4, disabling Wi-Fi "Scanning always available for use in the appropriate facilities."

The free version contains ads, but there is one way to hide the ads and remove the restrictions.

Languages: English, Magyar, Polski

  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Site: http://bartat.hu
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/erobot.for.android

What is new

  • New Action: Battery / Replace Battery Save State
  • New Action: System / Status Icons Set (36 icons)
  • Save the new expression: Battery / Battery Status
  • New word: to convert Operator / Small
  • Convert new expression: - Operator / United
  • Stop Application (Group) Action: Improved force stop
  • Debug screen: Fix for Android 7.0
  • Further improvements and changes"

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