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Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji 3.5.1 Apk Android App 2022

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Tem 16, 2016

Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji 3.5.1 Apk Android

Minuum ™ - A smart, small keyboard that lets you get more out of your screen. This is a small keyboard for big fingers!

*** "One of the 12 best Android apps of 2014" - Carissa Bell, Mashable ***

Minuum is known for:

★ OP sloppy typing - give you a sluggish, fast and happy pleasure

★ ART Smart Emoji - Always the Right Emoticon in Hand

★ AP Shifting APs - Save screen space, enable one-touch typing or completely change your keyboard

Spend 15 seconds with the beginner tutorial and you can start typing with Minuum. The more you write, the better it is, at least.


Download language modules and quickly switch between them. We currently support:

• English

• Spanish

• French

• German

• Italian

• Portuguese BR

• Russian

• Dutch

• Swedish

• Check

• General Chat Chat Lounge Polish

• Portuguese-PT

• Turkey

Performance Panels

The Minuum is always looking for ways to enjoy your screen through a brand new bonus panel:

★ Urs Cursor Control - Easily diversify your texts, emails, and posts

★ Ip Clipboard Tool - Quickly cut, copy and paste

★ Find and share - Instant thesaurus, dictionary, discovery, and share

★ M Emoji - Express yourself better with immediate use of all 856 emoticons

★ In Typing Speed ​​- Monitor your typing speed

Find out more

The Minuum Keyboard Touch Screen Keyboard is the first step toward a future where you can type anywhere. Coming soon, you can tap Minuum in ways you could not have imagined. For more information: http://www.minuum.com

Features for fun

• Fast typing

Thanks to the ridiculously intelligent auto-correction you entered, you can quickly type without having to worry about accuracy.

 More space on the screen

Recover more than half of the touchscreen space you lost with a traditional virtual keyboard.

 For mass support

If you have big fingers, use key enhancements for certain letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

 Individual elements

Choose an optional keyboard layout, such as "QWERTZ", "AZERTY", "A-Z".

 Full-page keyboard extension

Drag into the candidate bar to quickly switch between mini mode and full-screen mode (useful for URLs and passwords).

 Word intelligent word prediction

Accelerate your input with prediction engine suggestions that learn based on your word list, word combination, and language usage patterns.

• Intelligent Emoji

Swipe with the prediction word to find your smart emoji suggestions. You can find more information about "looking for the perfect emoji" here: http://goo.gl/sxQT9w

 Voice control

Minuum learns from your vocabulary and lets you remove words from your dictionary despite dictionary pop-up ads.

• Quick gesture games

Slide your fingers into the corner for quick and easy for easy access to all functions with pop-up buttons.

 Like the sound

For other activities, enter hands-free with Google Voice is typing to type text in speech.

• Truly multilingual

If you have split-screen capability, you can multitasking more effectively, as more screen space is available.


Go to http://support.minuum.com:

  • Share your thoughts with the Minim community
  • Give product feedback
  • Get help

Privacy Policy

The Minuum keyboard stores data about your typing attitude on your device. We do not remotely store any writing data and will not do so without asking you first. Please review our Privacy Policy: http://www.minuum.com/data

About our name

Some people call us the "Minum" or "Minimal" keyboard, but the simplest way to remember the Vortex 2 Minuum2 keyboard is to imagine the continuity of characters taking up very little space.

To receive updates, join our mailing list over HTTP. Http://epurl.com/zwd8T

What is new?


  • Fixed and bug fix


  • Support for Unicode 8 emoji (Android 6.0.1 only)


  • Stabilitätsverbesserungen
  • Crash with a long selection of languages ​​and layouts


  • Grundoptimierung


  • Advanced options for adjusting delays with longer presses
  • In multilingual mode, access special characters (pl / SV)
  • Better access to _ in Spanish
  • << and _ Improved accessibility and other improvements to the symbol layout
  • Improve adaptive color scheme

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