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App Usage – Manage/Track Usage Pro 4.19 Apk 对于Android App 2022

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4.19 对于Android
2月 07, 2017

App Usage – Manage/Track Usage Pro 4.19 Apk for Android

App Usage – Manage/Track Usage Pro: Most applications easy to use, yet powerful application management application.

It offers the following key features:

  • time application usage history: collecting applications you use
  • Czech Call History: Telephone aggregated counts of checks
  • Show Activity History: Application time to gather
  • Use Reminder: Remember me when you're spending on the phone or applications for a long time,
  • The most commonly used programs - to show a message in the most used applications in the widget
  • install uninstall all applications and all installed tracks Track
  • App Reminder: While installing and uninstalling programs were listed in the articles of daily use
  • 1 tap Programs to uninstall programs from a variety of options such as a system app

Limit of Android, applications if you are using the app and can be tracked on the screen.

show application usage history

Know as much time to spend in the app? Do they know the total time of the day or time applications on average?

The task lists are often used in applications in which size you chose. This information is useful to use, what programs will not be used to verify they are uninstalled. This detective is a program that can be used by someone else to be used.

Czech Call History

How many times a day you know, check your phone?

This feature daily census shows that you are either Czech or calendar view from your phone to a bar chart.

Show Activity History

The time that you tag a message or e-mail application is open?

This feature displays the time you have open at one time or calendar view or application.

access memories

Remember this function, you have to spend on the phone or applications for a long time.

most frequently used applications

This feature is the most widget that shows a list of programs or information system is used.

Follow any sentence

Are not installed without uninstalling programs or to confirm? Do you know how often to update the application?

The task was to track lists, and you can install all the applications and established a priority in order to cancel history. How many applications are useful to keep track of updates that day, and how often to update the app.

Install the application reminder

This feature, if you remember the essence of the application is installed and used on a daily installation.

Manage Applications

Not used for a long time, you know, programs? You can get more space by uninstalling apps, but this bloatware?

This function is an application name, a list of apps, the number of usage times, date or size, and you can easily uninstall apps faster.


★ Use the phone/application activity, and the Czech Call History

★ everyday use, using memories

★ The most commonly used programs

★ Application Installation History

★ App Install memories

★ Keep track of the application group, you can install them later canceled 

★ batch uninstall apps

★ The uninstaller removes abolished, the 1-tap app requires a rooted device

★ Add a personal touch for each application

★ Name, numbers, time, date Sort apps by time or size

★ App displays multi-column view

★ batch clear apps cache or data

★ Application Information window shows selling apps

★ batch view apps on Google Play

★ Easy Search apps name

★ Parts app list with friends

★ Support Android 2.3 ~ 7.x

We Google I / O. 2011 Developer Sandbox partner of choice for its innovative design and advanced technology

If you want to help translate the app into your native language, please send me an email. thank you.


Dutch – Roy Munsterman

French – Morgane LOPVET

German – Marcus Barkhahn

Italian – Michele Mondelli

Russian – Идрис a.k.a. Мансур

Simplified Chinese – Perqin

Spanish – Xavier Novella Sinde

Swedish – Göran Helsingborg

What is new


★ Italian Language Support

★ also, enable ", Android 6+ disable users to use" Today's Choices

★ SD able to export the data on the card

★ apps "to skip the use of the usage history that says" "the menu item"

★ fixed: Auto E-mail The history function does not work on some devices

★ fix bugs and influential"

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