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EssentialPIM Pro 4.5.3 Apk 对于Android App 2022

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4.5.3 对于Android
2月 03, 2017

EssentialPIM Pro 4.5.3 Apk for Android

EssentialPIM Pro: The Windows platform is an Android version of the popular personal information manager - EssentialPIM. Manage the calendar, tasks, notes, contacts, and passwords. All in one package!

- Sync your data

EssentialPIM (free and Pro also synchronized with the Windows version). With Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Drive (notes and password), and sync Google contacts are also available.

- Powerful Calendar Views

Read the views of the colorful, easy day, week, month, year and agenda.

- hierarchical structure

Flexible structure that hosts many trees, working with sub-trees and leaves.

- determines how the multi-level tree

Quick notes, allowing for multiple views, management and information Preview.

- organize experimental Contacts

A wide selection of an unlimited number of fields and the Contact Group.

- Password Protected List

A self-locking mechanism is safe and convenient to put all your passwords and other sensitive information are available in stores.

- beautiful and functional widgets (some over-app purchase)

Before adding Calendar widget (agenda and feel of the month), Labor and accelerated new EPIM. Place EPIM module links on the home screen for quick access.

- Password protection app

To keep your personal information safe and secure, lock them with a password below. Random data is encrypted with a 256-bit AES key.

- Women Backup and Restore.

Select the backup or EssentialPIM data for your device or to an online service. Another question existing or easily backup data on your Android device.

- Intuitive interface

Fast and responsive user interface. Dark and Light themes included.

- translated into 26 languages

Thanks to our volunteers, EPIM now (simplified and traditional) in English, Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Key Features:

  • Calendar (day, week, month, year and agenda views) function (hierarchical structure), notes (such as the level of a tree structure), including contact groups (and unlimited custom field) and password (safety, self-locking mechanism), Modules It
  • Quick and attractive user interface with dark and light themes
  • Custom widgets (calendar month and agenda views, functions, instant, add new elements to link modules)
  • EPIM Wi-Fi, cellular networks (3G, LTE), Win flawless synchronization with Bluetooth or USB cable
  • Calendar, tasks, and contacts the vehicle (for notes and password): All data will automatically sync with Google services
  • Restore Data Backup / Options
  • Available in 26 languages
  • Free advertising

EssentialPIM Pro (Full version) Features:

  • Beautiful Calendar (calendar and month views) and served in widgets
  • Ability to display calendar functions
  • Password protection app

Support and feedback:

[email protected]: If you need help or seek any questions or concerns, we will send our feedback> Settings link or contact us using the following e-mail address.

About translation:

See EssentialPIM cannot be fully translated into your language? We want to invite you to participate in the translation process. It's easy and fun. And if you are not willing to just a translation, you can still carry out a review of errors. Contact [email protected] and we will respond back with an invitation.

As a sign of appreciation, enabling all participants will receive a free license EssentialPIM Android and Windows versions.


  • If your personal information is used, you can set synch with the Windows version of EssentialPIM
  • If you are using your account will be set up to synchronize with Google services
  • Make a phone call: to determine whether the application can be sent EssentialPIM / sync information from Windows version /

What is new

  • Fixed rare issue with events show until the end of the week Month View Calendar
  • Google Calendar will now appear in the Calendar Android EPIM works shown drops
  • all categories synchronization with Google Calendar and Google Tasks
  • A few other minor improvements"

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