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Magisto Video Editor & Maker Apk + Mod (Unlocked) Android App 2022

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6月 03, 2019

Magisto Video Editor & Maker Ak + Mod for Android

Magisto Video Editor & Maker convert your photos and video clips to amazingly well-edited movies in just a few minutes with your favourite music, cool graphics and effects! The best part is that it can be downloaded for free.

Magisto have more than 65 million users and are represented on Google Play editors and Google Play homepage in 130 free countries. Recently, the magnets were added to the 2013 best apps list! We joined CNN, TechCrunch, Mesheel, Wired, Venture Beat, Gigome, The Next Web, CNET and Forbes too!

How does magic work?

You should not be a photo or video worker or know something about the photo or video editing. Magistowne analyzes your photos and videos for you and creates a professional-looking movie for you - an elegant movie that you will share with your friends when you feel proud.

Magisto properties:

Throwback with #TBT Our Line Throwback Video Editing Style on Thursday! Vintage filters and home cinema effects turn photos and videos into instant memories!
Do you like eating? Use our "Gourmet" video editing style to turn your food photos and videos into adventurous movies.

New! Premium Video Editing Styles (Purchase Required):

  • Share a birthday video greeting card or update your favourite birthday movie memories with your colourful birthday cut style.
  • Full video editing style to capture baby steps, baby photos and videos Turn your child's first moments into adorable baby movies.
  • Wedding Video Editing Style Turn raw wedding photos and wedding videos into grand and elegant wedding films
  • Create and share 15 seconds video on Instagram!
  • Magicians will impress you with beautiful movies that are automatically created from your photos and videos.
  • (Do not worry - you can disable this feature at any time in settings and movies are private unless you're ready to share them.
  • "Photo Film"! Make exciting films with at least 5 photos. Imagine a personal photo editor, combined with your video editor, to turn your video into a 24-minute movie masterpiece! The easiest way to convert simple images into panoramic video stories
  • Unclear AI technology analyzes and engages the best parts and video clips of your photos in funny movies
  • Share the video on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, YouTube and WatUP
  • Share movies privately to your timeline or albums
  • Turn the video of normal baby video into incredible baby movies that your child will love!
  • Automatic Video Stabilization, Filters, Effects, Infection and Total Product
  • Face detection identifies the most important people in your photos and videos
  • Upload photos and videos from your gallery or use magicians as an intelligent video camera
  • Add soundtrack from your device or from licensed magazines library
  • Cross-platform deployment True home for your memories, your videos are accessible from any device!
  • Slideshow changes with great video integration and collage makers
  • Add Instagram photos and videos, mp3 movies and more!
  • Various editing styles for creating awesome Graduation videos, Independence Day videos, Sports movies, Throwback back movies, Birthday movies, Baby movies and wedding movies!

What is new:

  • Bug fixes and other minor enhancements
  • Mod:
  • Unlock Paid Functions
  • License Stripes
  • Language: NN, IT, PL, RU, UK

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