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PiePie Launcher Pro 1.3.0 (Full Version) Apk 对于Android App 2022

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1.3.0 对于Android
12月 10, 2019

PiePie Launcher Pro 1.3.0 (Full Version) Apk for Android

PiePie Launcher Android 9.0 pixel style launcher, provides powerful customization and makes your phone unique and more efficient useful functions.

Android ™ Pixel style launcher

One Pixel Launcher Features: Swipe checks all applications up to dock, full-screen mode, color new circle style folder, Google tablet, and date widget and now use dock. PiePie supports Android 6.0-9.0 style or standard Android P (9.0). To change launcher type access settings -> Quick Settings -> Launcher style.

Helpful tips:

Make room for access settings home screen or click on the PiePie settings icon Home.

Tip for noobs: If you need a launcher just a simple pixels, don't want to waste the Brain Cell PiePie, you have to stop here and enjoy it.

Powerful customization

1.Home screen: customized home screen layout, icon size, label style. Show or the notification disappears

2. From Effect: Try different 14 home screen scrolling effects and your favorite, the difference can be hidden and the elastic scrolling coefficient, see they will come to the phone.

3. The widget at a glance: Customize the widget font, clock and date format, search bar style, etc.

4. All Apps: Optimized apps layout, icon size and label style. Top search bar style.

5.Dock: optimize dock height, label, arrows, side number of indicators, dock around dock style such symbols, etc.

6.Folder: open customizable folder layout, animation, background color and opacity, rounded corners, icon size, label style folder, etc.

7. Theme:: 6 standard themes or automatic creation issues depend on the wallpaper.

8. Icon pack, size icon changes apply. (Note: After a new icon to apply restart PiePie access settings pack -> PiePie Launcher -> Restart).

9. Shortcut and pop-up customized links and styles, pop the label font, you remove the link color app icon, corner radius, etc.

10.Behavior: your mobile phone screen can be adapted to rotation behavior, edit or lock the home screen, etc.

11. Reset is of quality: Unlike your optimization, tap all settings of default. (Access Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Reset to Defaults.)

Quickly and efficiently

1.Gestures: Support 7 different gestures (can take up to twice tap, fingerprint, etc.) when you open any app by more than 12 tasks or a special gesture.

2.Shortcut and Pop: Customize shortcuts to allow quick and effective pop-up accessibility quick steps and applications. Shortcuts Before You Can Match Pop-ups

3. Deeply Pixels launcher, low power consumption and very easy to adapt experience.

Helpful tips:

1. Tap Widget calendar/alarm set/set timer at a glance to use the action. To set up on the Start screen.

2. Launch am a widget at a glance long down.

3. Tap Keys can be accepted on the Play Store   Google Assistant tab,  hidden applications   Top to search for access to all applications. (Access Settings -> -> APP Button -> Search Bar Settings - Button in the search bar)

4.Double-tap on the locking device home screen.

Press Request 5.Long Show context menu  Edit,  Split  Icon, etc.  Found in Play Store  (action can be customized items links and settings can be pop)

Home Screen Show Press 6.Long Pop  System Settings  Shortcut  Icon Pack, Lock, Edit, etc. (custom items)

Safe and reliable

1.Hide Apps

2.Kids mode

3.Backup and restore

Themes Marketplace

1.Icon Punishment: Please Note: Applications are linked to the Play Store, some are free of charge, most of them loaded.


Google Android ™ is a registered trademark, Inc. PiePie Launcher is Android 9.0 Launcher inspired, but please note that this is not an official Google product.

NOTE: To use the function so that the ball screen application, the device administrator needs this permission.

What is new

1.Added Android 10.0 and Android 7.0 style search bar.

2.Added password support for closed application function.

3. Added password applications to support function to hide.

4. Added dark mode function.

5.Some  Fixed user errors have been reported. 

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