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Wasi Studio
v1.1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 15, 2024
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Android 5.0 +
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Are you sick of watching movies that are blurry or full of pixels? Hello, 1080 Full HD Video Player Apk! Say goodbye to bad video quality and hello to this one! With this powerful app, you can watch videos on your Android device that are both engaging and very clear.

It lets you watch your favourite movies, TV shows, and home videos in beautiful 1080p Full HD quality with the 1080 Full HD Video Player Apk. No more fuzzy pictures. Welcome sharp, detailed pictures that make your content come to life.

Introduce to FilmHD1080

FilmHD1080 Apk works well with Android phones and tablets and can play full 1080p HD movies. Videos in MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and FLV can be played without any problems or lags, even on medium phones. 

The video image is clear and sharp on big screens thanks to 1080p processing that works smoothly. This player has a clean interface with only the most important controls, like play, stop, and volume. Other apps have too many settings that are hard to understand. 

Pop-up overlays, background play, subtitles, and physical volume keys are all useful features that make watching very easy. If you keep things simple, even newbies will find it easy to use. 

If you download the 1080 Full HD Video Player apk, you can quickly put this great game on any Android device from a third-party store. It's the simplest way to watch HD videos on your phone with lots of features!

Stunning 1080p Full HD Playback.

With support for stunning 1080p Full HD playback, the FilmHD1080 Apk gives you the best watching experience possible. 

You can enjoy vivid colours and sharp details whether you're streaming online material or playing video files from your computer. 

Do away with pixelation and fuzzy pictures. This app will bring every movie to life on your screen in stunning detail.

Seamless Playback Performance.

With the FilmHD1080 Apk, you can watch videos without any problems. 

The best speed is guaranteed by this app, so your videos will play without any breaks or buffering. 

The app will give you a smooth viewing experience without any lags or delays, whether you're watching video in high definition or receiving content online.

Wide Format Support.

The FilmHD1080 Apk is the best way to play any video file on your Android device. It works with many video types, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. 

You can be sure that the app will be able to handle movies that you've either downloaded from the internet or recorded yourself. 

Plus, the app finds your movies automatically and changes the aspect ratio so that they are best viewed.

Features in FilmHD1080 Apk Latest Version

Hardware Acceleration:

It decodes movies with full hardware acceleration support. By making the most of your device's GPU, this lets you play 1080p videos smoothly, without lag, stuttering, or frame drops, even on mid-range phones.

Pop Up & Mini Mode:

You can shrink movies into a free-floating, movable pop-up window so that you can use other apps at the same time. The tiny video mode fits the floating player nicely in a small window on top of the video. Great for watching movies without anyone knowing.

Latest Codecs Support:

It works with many of the newest hardware and software video formats, such as H.264, HEVC, DivX, XviD, and Theora, so it can play almost any type of media file without any problems.

Subtitles & Closed Caption:

It supports embedded subtitles, which means that any SRT or ASS subtitle files you already have will be loaded instantly. You can also turn on Closed Captioning (CC) to get extra text transcripts when movies have them. All of these options are easy to use.

Continuous Playback:

You can start video queues without any breaks because the next video in the file or directory will play automatically without stopping. This constant playback with nice music in the background keeps you interested.

No Ads Interface:

The simple, clean design doesn't have any of the annoying video ads or banner popups that you usually see in mobile video apps, so you can just focus on watching.

Background Play:

You can minimise the player to the background so you can watch videos without interruption while chatting or surfing the web. The sound works properly even when the app is put in the background.

Hardware Volume Keys:

The hardware volume keys on your Android device control the volume of your media instantly, so you don't have to tap the screen to change the volume.


The FilmHD1080 Apk by ZPlayer is without a doubt one of the best video apps for Android for watching videos saved on your device or on a memory card. Its fully hardware-accelerated video decoding engine makes sure that even 1080p movies play smoothly and without lag. 

It has a lot of useful features, such as pop-up play, subtitle support, continuous queuing, and sleep timers. These and other features make it very flexible for all types of groups without adding too much app clutter. 

You can get it for free from web stores by installing an apk file. It's the best app for watching videos on Android!

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