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v0.11.1.11403 for Android
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May 23, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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Enjoy the joy of fishing at your fingertips with Fishing Every Day, a gripping mobile game that transports you to a peaceful but adventurous environment. 

Created by 8K GAMES LIMITED, the goal of this simulation game is to provide a realistic and engaging fishing experience. Fishing Every Day offers a variety of features that suit all skill levels, regardless of your level of experience as a fisherman.

Let's examine what sets Fishing Every Day apart from other mobile fishing games.

Introduce to Fishing Every Day

Fishing Every Day is an awesome fishing game for your Android phone. It enables you to enjoy the thrill and fun of fishing without ever having to leave your house. You can take virtual fishing trips to numerous stunning locales, including lakes, rivers, and beaches, in this game.

The game aims to recreate the authentic fishing experience as much as it can. Casting your line has the same appearance and sensation as real fishing. Just like in real fishing, you'll need to employ various lures and strategies to catch the fish because of the way they move and behave organically.

But there's more to Fishing Every Day than just catching fish. The game's stunning visuals vividly depict the outdoors on your screen. The scenery is stunning, the trees and plants have fine details, and the water appears to be crystal clean. It is like to being taken to a serene fishing location.

You can get new fishing locations, lures, poles, and other equipment as you play. The game is more thrilling and satisfying because there are achievements and challenges to fulfil. To see who's the best angler, you can even engage in online competitions with pals.

Fishing Every Day Apk provides an entertaining and engaging fishing experience directly on your mobile device, regardless of your level of skill or desire for a lighthearted diversion. It's the ideal method to take advantage of the pleasures of fishing whenever and wherever you choose.

Multiplayer and Social Features

Fishing Every Day Apk provides a thriving multiplayer community for those looking for a more social and competitive experience, even though fishing alone may be a peaceful and contemplative activity. 

With the help of the game's built-in multiplayer capabilities, you may interact with other anglers worldwide and take on cooperative tasks or friendly competitions together.

Get your buddies to join you on an online fishing trip, or show off your prowess by competing in leaderboards and tournaments to move up the fishing hierarchy of the game.

Thanks to the game's social networking connection, you may boast about your fishing skill and motivate others by sharing your most amazing catches and accomplishments.

Intuitive Controls and Interface.

All ages and ability levels can enjoy this game because to its simple controls and user-friendly UI. The user-friendly control scheme makes it easy for players to throw lines, reel in fish, and traverse menus. 

Its simplicity of usage guarantees that gamers won't be distracted by difficult mechanics and can instead concentrate on the thrill of fishing. The game is enjoyable from the very beginning because to the well-designed UI, which improves the overall user experience.

Breathtaking Environments.

Discover a wide range of breathtaking settings in Fishing Every Day Apk, each of which is a masterwork of digital creativity. The scenery in the game is breathtaking, ranging from sun-drenched tropical beaches to tranquil highland lakes tucked away amid towering hills.

Every aspect has been painstakingly constructed to create an immersive and believable world, demonstrating an absolutely amazing level of attention to detail.

You'll be rewarded with amazing views as you travel, replete with dynamic lighting, realistic weather effects, and a diverse array of plants and animals. The rippling of the water's surface, the soft movement of the clouds, and the soft swing of the reeds all combine to create a serene yet alluring ambience. 

The game's surroundings provide the ideal setting for your fishing experiences, whether you're looking for a quiet moment or an exhilarating challenge.

Features in Fishing Every Day Apk Latest Version

Realistic Fishing Experience:

With excellent 3D graphics and realistic acoustic effects, Fishing Every Day provides a realistic fishing experience. The game's realistic recreation of natural settings and changeable weather enhances the immersive experience and gives each fishing excursion an authentic and captivating sense.

Diverse Fishing Locations:

Gamers can investigate more than ten exquisitely modelled fishing spots across the globe. Every location, ranging from serene lakes to expansive oceans, presents distinct landscapes and obstacles, promoting investigation and proficiency in various fishing scenarios (TapTap).

Extensive Fish Collection:

There are more than 100 distinct fish species in the game, each with their own habitats and behaviours. As players adjust their tactics to collect different species, this variation keeps the gaming interesting and difficult (TapTap).

Variety of Fishing Tackles:

Players can alter their equipment to suit various fishing situations with over ninety distinct combinations of fishing tackle. By adding a strategic layer, this customisation makes it possible to create settings that are ideal for taking on different challenges and catching particular species (TapTap).

Engaging Missions and Challenges:

More than fifty missions in Fishing Every Day assess players' fishing prowess. Players are kept interested and motivated by these tasks, which provide incentives and a constant sense of advancement and accomplishment (TapTap).

Multiplayer Mode:

Players can engage in live fishing competitions in the multiplayer mode. With the ability to climb leaderboards and obtain exclusive rewards (TapTap), this element fosters social interaction and gives players a competitive advantage.

Seasonal Events and Updates:

Seasonal updates and events bring in new fish species, equipment, and challenges. By continuously adding new content and sustaining player interest, these updates make the game interesting and engaging (TapTap).


Fishing Every Day Apk is a masterwork for both casual and fishing lovers, and it is a monument to the limitless possibilities of smartphone gaming. 

This game offers a fishing experience like no other, captivating you from the first cast with its realistic mechanics, stunning locations, plenty of gear, and fun multiplayer elements. 

Fishing Every Day Apk offers a virtual fishing journey that will have you hooked and itching for more, whether you're looking for a peaceful getaway or an exciting challenge. So gather your virtual tackle box and get ready to go on an amazing virtual adventure that honours the ageless pleasure of fishing.

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