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v1.2.1 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 25, 2023
36.05 Mb
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Android 6.0+
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Welcome to Lewd Leaf Land Apk, where games and adventures come together in a weird and fun way. 

If you want a short but fun game that will keep you entertained, you've come to the right place. 

Join us as we dive into the playful world of this one-of-a-kind, racy game, where a cute Tanuki-Girl's search for leaves takes a delightfully surprising turn. 

Get ready for a game trip like no other!


A small game about a Tanuki girl who wakes up during a full moon and decides to jump into the bush to pick leaves for tea.

It's a game with just one level that was made for Lewd Jam 3 and finished after the event.

Lewd Leaf Land 1.2.1 Apk is a cute and funny game with a sexual theme. It is short, but it is fun to play.

In this game, players go on a funny adventure with a cute Tanuki-Girl. This adds a bit of humor to the world of gaming. 

This piece talks about the strange world of Lewd Leaf Land. It gives background information, explains how the game works, and talks about why people like it.

The Quirky Plot

Lewd Leaf Land has a storyline that doesn't take itself too seriously. In the game, the player meets a cute and a little bit weird Tanuki-Girl who wakes up in the middle of the night when a bright moon comes out.

Her simple goal seemed to be to go into the woods and pick some leaves for a cup of tea.

She has no idea that the woods can be strange at night, which sets the stage for a strange journey.

Short and Sweet Gameplay

Lewd Leaf Land Maple Tea Ecstasy Apk is a short game that has players collect leaves and get to the end of each level in a number of runs.

In this game, unlike many others, there is no specific way to count leaves. Instead, you just pick up leaves as you go.

The Tanuki-Girl can jump, and if you hold down the jump button for a few seconds, she can smoothly float in the air. The tools work well, so you can play without any problems.

A Different Turn

Lewd Leaf Land stands out because it has a unique mix of lewd features and platformer gameplay.

Even though the main goal of the game is to collect leaves, it has a surprising twist.

As you move through the game and reach the end of each level, you get to meet a hot forest stud. Gamers have noticed and praised this unusual mix of game play and adult material.

Player's Hope for the Future

Even though Lewd Leaf Land is short, it has made a lasting impact on players.

Many people have talked about how much they like the game and how they want the idea to grow into a full-fledged game.

Because of how well this quirky game has been received and how good it makes people feel, there is hope that the creator may think about adding to and exploring the world they've made.

What's new (last changes):

– Hentai encounter with 10+ Illustrated scenes

– Bigger map to bounce around in

– 2 music tracks

– Main menu, controller support, etc…


Move: Arrow Keys / WASD

Jump: Space / Y / Z

Glide: Space / Y / Z in the air

Confirm: Enter

Controllers are supported!


Even though Lewd Leaf Land is small, it has a lot of fun things to do. 

It stands out in the lewd game genre because it tells stories in a playful way and has platformer elements and unexpected turns. 

Even though the journey in this strange world is short, it is definitely fun and worth remembering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Lewd Leaf Land suitable for all ages?

A: No, Lewd Leaf Land is not for kids. It has adult themes and is meant for older people.

Q: Can I play Lewd Leaf Land on my mobile device?

A: The PC is the most common tool for the game.

Q: How long does it take to complete Lewd Leaf Land?

A: Because the game is short, most people can finish it in a short amount of time.

Q: Is there a sequel or expansion planned for Lewd Leaf Land?

A: As of right now, there is no public news about a sequel or expansion, but fans are hopeful that things will change in the future.

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