Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive 1.7.5 Apk

Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive 1.7.5 Apk

App By:
Tassimov Games
v1.7.5 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 25, 2023
496 Mb
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
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It is the game you've been waiting for if you like trucking adventures, the thrill of the open road, or just the idea of driving huge 18-wheelers. 

This isn't just a regular driving game; it's a full-fledged trucking adventure that puts you in charge of powerful semi trucks and trailers and gives you an experience like never before.

Let's take a look at what makes Nextgen: Truck Simulator the best choice for people who like truck simulators.


Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive 1.7.5 Apk is a fun mobile game that lets you drive big trucks and trailers. It's not your normal driving game, it's a full-fledged trucking adventure made for your phone or tablet.

This game gives you the chance to drive huge 18-wheelers and other powerful trucks, making it a great choice for people who like trucks.

You can choose from a wide range of vehicles, like semi trucks and trailers, for your virtual trucking trip, so you'll never run out of choices.

New cars are always being added to the game to keep things interesting and give you something new to try.

One of the best things about Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive APK is that the tasks are hard.

Your driving skills will be put to the test as you take on different jobs, like long-distance cargo runs and off-road challenges. You will be busy and entertained for hours with these tasks.

The game also has an open-world group mode that lets you get lost in a virtual world where you can do anything you want.

You have the freedom to do whatever you want, like form a trucking convoy with your friends or drive around the fake American roads.

A World of Vehicles at Your Fingertips

NextGen: Truck Simulator has over 90 different trucks to choose from, which is a huge number. 

This game has everything, whether you like the raw power of semi trucks, the flexibility of trailers, the ruggedness of 4x4 vehicles, or something else. 

Even better, the game's creators are always adding new cars to keep things interesting. With so many different kinds of cars, the options are really endless.

Challenging Missions Await

Are you ready for a test? There are many tasks in this game that will test your skills as a truck driver. 

Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive 1.7.5 has a wide range of jobs, from long-distance cargo runs to off-road adventures, that will keep you busy for hours. 

Each task has its own set of challenges, so you never have time to get bored.

The Freedom of an Open World

Step into a free world where you can do whatever you want. 

Nextgen: Truck Simulator lets you join a trucking convoy with your friends, drive on the vast American roads, or just enjoy the freedom of choice. 

It's more than just a game; it's a whole world full of possibilities.


Build Your Empire: 

Don't just want to be a driver? Buy a business that is already set up and you can start making money right away.

You can use your money to buy new cars, fix up and improve your truck, or even build your own place to make cars.

Realistic Simulation: 

Our extreme camion simulator gives you a realistic trucking experience with thorough vehicle physics, real cargo, towing mechanics, and difficult road conditions.

You'll feel like a real truck driver as you drive through mud, snow, and rough terrain.

Customization Galore: 

You can make the car of your dreams by customizing it and designing it. You can play games with lifted trucks, monster trucks, and a lot more. Show off your style and hit the road in a car that fits your tastes.

International Adventures: 

Explore a huge world with roads in Europe and the United States. No matter where you drive, the road will be exciting.

Become the Ultimate Driver: 

Get your 18-wheeler license and move up in your trucking job to become the best euro truck driver ever.

Take on the most difficult tasks and win on every road. Start your job as a professional driver in towing games for toddlers.

Off road Challenges: 

This game has something for everyone, whether you like off-road adventures, pickup snow runners, or gas transport.

After you finish the drive school, you can move on to new levels. Use your van, chevy, or ford 4x4 mudrunner to get through mud, snow, and dangerous terrain.

Car Builder: 

Learn how to fix cars by getting your hands dirty. Build, design, and improve your cars to make the best driving machine ready to win the big race.

Nextgen Graphics: 

Enjoy images that make every trailer, car, and road come to life. You'll feel like you're really on the road because of how real it is.

Navigate with Ease: 

Use the game's built-in guidance system to get around the huge world. Whether you're transporting goods or giving rides, our guidance will help you get where you need to go.


Nextgen: Truck Simulator is more than just a game; it's an immersive trucking adventure with a wide range of vehicles, difficult tasks, and endless possibilities in an open world. 

This game is good for both new and experienced gamers because it has a realistic scenario and a lot of ways to change it. 

Nextgen: Truck Simulator has something for everyone, whether you like semi-truck games, car parking games, or just the thrill of the open road. 

Get it now and get ready for the most fun you'll ever have driving a truck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Nextgen: Truck Simulator available for iOS devices?

A: "Nextgen: Truck Simulator" can be played on Android devices right now. In the future, there may be an iOS version in the works.

Q: Is Nextgen: Truck Simulator free to play?

A: Yes, Nextgen: Truck Simulator is free to download and play, and you can also buy things in the game if you want to.

Q: Can I play Nextgen: Truck Simulator offline?

A: Yes, you can play the game without an internet link, so you can still have trucking adventures.

Q: Are there regular updates and new vehicles added to the game?

A: Yes, of course! Nextgen: Truck Simulator is updated often with new cars and features to keep the game fresh and interesting.

Q: Can I customize my truck and vehicles in the game?

A: Yes, you can change and improve your cars to make the best driving machine for your style and tastes.

Q: Are there in-game purchases, and is the game free to play?

A: "Nextgen: Truck Simulator" is free to download and play, but you can buy different things and upgrades inside the game.

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