3d Lut Mobile Mod Apk

3d Lut Mobile Mod Apk

v1.61 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 26, 2024
23.2 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
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With 3DLUT mobile, you can get professional-level color grading right at your hands. For easy ways to improve the color, contrast, and general look of your photos and videos, this cool mobile app is here to help. 

Your 3d Lut Mobile Mod Apk has many features and tools that can help you get great results, no matter if you're a professional shooter, filmmaker, or just someone who loves capturing moments.

You can quickly try out different color grading effects and filters thanks to its easy-to-use interface and real-time preview. This lets you be creative and bring your ideas to life. You can change your visual content and make it stand out with 3DLUT mobile.

Introduce to 3d Lut Mobile Mod

3d Lut Mobile Mod Apk is a great way to change pictures and videos on your Android phone or computer. You can change the way your photos and videos look in cool ways by using LUTs, which are special color effects.

Professional photographers and producers have been using LUTs for a long time to get great movie looks. But before, they could only use LUTs on very large computers for editing. With 3DLUT Mobile, you can change quickly and easily on your phone.

There are over one hundred different LUT effects you can try out with this app. These filters can make your photos look like old movies. Others make colors that are really bright and bold. There are also stylish looks that are faded and dull. It's like getting a bunch of Instagram masks, but these are much better.

It's very simple to use 3DLUT Mobile. First, open a picture or movie in the app. Then, look through the LUT choices. When you tap on one, you can use it and see the result right away. You can even put more than one LUT on top of each other.

After adding the perfect LUT effect to your media, you can save it to your camera roll or share it right away on your favorite social apps. You can edit photos and videos like a pro on your Android with this easy-to-use app!

Comprehensive LUT Library.

At its core, 3d Lut Mobile Mod is a huge library of carefully created LUT packs. Each one is a superb mix of artistic vision and technical precision. 

This app has a huge range of visual styles, from the warm, romantic tones of old movies to the bright, modern colors of movies today. It can suit any artistic taste.

With new packs being added all the time, the LUT library is always growing, so your artistic options are always new and changing. You'll be able to find a LUT pack that fits your artistic style, whether you like the warm, earthy tones of landscapes or the dark, ominous vibes of cityscapes.

Real-Time Preview and Advanced Editing Tools.

One great thing about 3DLUT Mobile is that it has a real-time preview tool that lets you see right away how each LUT will change your photos or videos. 

This very useful tool takes away the need to guess and lets you try out different LUTs until you get the look and feel you want. The app also has advanced editing tools that let you fine-tune and change your images precisely. 

You can change things like exposure, contrast, color, and more to make the look truly your own. Since you can layer multiple LUTs and blend them together smoothly, there are a lot of artistic options.

Seamless Integration and Workflow.

3d Lut Mobile Mod Apk works with your current mobile photography and videography workflow, so you can be creative without any problems. The app makes it easy to do things, like taking pictures of beautiful scenery with your Android device's camera or adding files from your gallery.

After applying your chosen LUT, it's easy to share your masterpieces on a number of social media sites or export them so you can make more changes in your favorite desktop software.

The app's powerful export choices make sure that your visuals stay true to themselves and in good quality no matter where they go.


Professional Color Grading: 

You can use 3DLUT mobile's huge library of professional-grade color grading settings and LUTs (Look-Up Tables) to make your photos and videos look better in terms of color, contrast, and mood.

Real-Time Preview: 

You can try out different color grading effects and filters in real time, which lets you see the changes right away and make changes as you go to get the look you want.

Customizable Presets: 

You can make and save your own presets that are specific to your style and tastes so that they are easy to use in future projects.

Advanced Editing Tools: 

You can fine-tune your color grading with advanced editing tools like exposure, saturation, hue, temperature, and more. These tools give you full control over your picture in every way.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: 

You can easily connect 3DLUT mobile to your current workflow on both Android and iOS devices, making sure that it works on all of them for maximum freedom.

High-Quality Output: 

You can easily make results that look high-quality and professional, whether you're editing pictures for social media or making cinematic videos for your portfolio.


The 3d Lut Mobile Mod Apk is a complete and feature-packed mobile app that gives photographers, filmmakers, and pros powerful color grading tools. 

With its advanced tools, flexible LUTs, live preview, and large collection of filters, this app gives users all the tools they need to make beautiful visual content right on their phones. 

3DLUT mobile has everything you need to make your creative idea come to life, whether you're a beginner photographer who wants to improve your pictures or a professional filmmaker who wants to improve your videos. Download the app right now and start being creative!

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