Aku Si Juragan Ayam Mod v1.1.0 Apk

Aku Si Juragan Ayam Mod v1.1.0 Apk

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v1.1.0 for Android
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Mar 20, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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Enter the exciting world of chicken farming and business with Aku Si Juragan Ayam, a fun mobile game that combines the fun of having chickens and the strategic depth of running a business. 

In Aku Si Juragan Ayam Mod Apk, you'll be taken on an exciting journey where you'll take care of a chicken farm, make sure it's profitable, and deal with the constantly changing chicken market.

You'll be thrown into a world full of challenges, rewards, and the fun of running your own chicken farm as you go on this journey. The graphics and easy-to-use gameplay in Aku Si Juragan Ayam APK are sure to keep players amused for hours.

Introduce to Aku Si Juragan Ayam Mod

In Aku Si Juragan Ayam Apk, you'll take on the role of a careful farmer, in charge of hatching and caring for your flock. This game really gets the feel of farm life, from giving animals the shelter and food they need to unlocking new breeds with their own special traits.

But that's not all you want to achieve. As your chicken farm grows, you'll be able to add more animals, build state-of-the-art buildings, and set up a profitable egg production line. 

To keep your farm ahead of the competition and make the most money, you will need to strategically allocate your resources, analyse the market, and be a smart businessperson.

Aku Si Juragan Ayam Mod Apk promises an immersive and engaging experience that mixes the joy of farming with the thrill of business. It has fun challenges, customisable farm designs, and a lot of achievements to unlock. Prepare to make a lot of money and become the best chicken businessman ever!

Embrace the Life of a Poultry Farmer.

At the heart of Aku Si Juragan Ayam Mod is the chance to become a committed chicken farmer who is in charge of caring for and running a successful chicken farm. 

With great attention to detail, this game captures the spirit of farm life, from hatching and raising chicks to making sure they are healthy and productive.

Immerse yourself in the daily tasks of taking care of your flock of birds and giving them the food, housing, and care they need. As you go through the game, you'll unlock new kinds of chickens. Each breed has its own traits and habits that will make farming more difficult and strategic.

Build and Expand Your Poultry Empire.

Even though farming itself is fun and rewarding, Aku Si Juragan Ayam takes it to a whole new level by adding business management and growth parts. 

As your chicken farm grows, you'll be able to spend money on improvements, make your buildings bigger, and start doing different kinds of business. Building state-of-the-art coops and incubators or starting a profitable egg production line are just a few of the options. 

Allocating resources strategically, improving your workflow, and making well-informed choices will help your farm be more profitable and efficient, while also protecting the health and safety of your beloved birds.

Embrace the Challenges of the Poultry Market.

To be successful in Aku Si Juragan Ayam, you have to work for it. The game shows a chicken market that is always moving, with changing supply and demand. To do well, you need to be a smart businessperson. 

To stay ahea of the competition, you should study the market, keep an eye on trends, and change your tactics as needed. Challenge yourself to fun events and activities that will test your farming and business knowledge and offer big prizes to the winners. 

Whether you're trying to get into poultry shows, get lucrative contracts, or grow your marketing network, Aku Si Juragan Ayam makes sure that every step of your journey is full of new challenges and chances to succeed.

Features in Aku Si Juragan Ayam Mod Apk Latest Version

Interactive Farm Management:

Hands-on management tools let you run your chicken farm like a pro. Players have full power over the farm, from feeding and breeding animals to improving facilities. As you deal with the challenges of chicken farming, make smart choices to increase efficiency and profits.

Diverse Chicken Breeds:

Check out different types of chickens, as each has its own traits. There is an egg-laying breed for everyone, whether you want them to grow quickly or have bright feathers. Try breeding different kinds of chickens together to make hybrids, and watch your flock grow with happy, healthy chickens of all kinds.

Customizable Farm Layout:

You can make your farm look unique by changing the plan. Set up the fields and houses to make the best use of space and time, and add decorative elements to make the game your own. Players can make a farm that fits their style and goals by choosing from a lot of different customisation choices.

Realistic Farming Experience:

Put yourself in the middle of a realistic farming experience with realistic visuals and gameplay. The game is meant to feel like you are really farming in every way, from taking care of crops and animals to dealing with the weather. You can feel the good and bad parts of farm life as you work to grow and take care of your chicken business.

Market Expansion and Trade:

Reach more people with your farm by going after new markets and making trade deals. To make the most money and grow your business, sell your goods locally or send them to faraway places.

Players can plan how to control the market and become successful chicken business owners by using the different trading options, such as auctions and contracts.

Challenging Quests and Objectives:

Start a set of difficult tasks and goals that will test your farming skills as a chicken farmer. Every task is a new challenge, from following through on directions to getting past problems. As you play, you'll get prizes and be able to access new content. This will keep the game interesting and new for players.


Aku Si Juragan Ayam is a fun mix of farming sims and business management games that makes for a completely different and fun gaming experience. 

This game is sure to interest both experienced and new players, thanks to its attention to detail, strategic depth, and endless ways to grow and make it your own. 

Get lost in the world of raising chickens, face the difficulties of the market, and start your journey to build a successful chicken empire. Get ready to make waves and become the best "Juragan Ayam" ever!

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