Aquarium Land: My Fish Bowl 3D 1.61 Apk APK

Aquarium Land: My Fish Bowl 3D 1.61 Apk latest v1.61 for Android

App By:
v1.61 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 20, 2023
99 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Welcome to Aquarium Land: My Fish Bowl 3D 1.61, one of the best games you'll ever play about fish in the sea. Go fishing in the sea, catch small fish like goldfish, starfish, dolphin, koi fish, and crayfish, and put them in your fish tank to grow your aquarium mini store and bring more people and buyers to your fish io market.

Use your fishbrain to enter the fishdom and find the best places to fish in your favorite tanked aquarium game. Find new mysteries and fishy things in your tanked aquarium game. You can also collect them in your fishbowl. Every sea creature, big fish or small fish, has a customer. All you have to do is fish with attitude.

Invest in your Aquarium Park and explore the underwater world like a real fishy tycoon! More changes can be bought with more money. This fish game is fun and exciting, just like my mini mart, circle the fish, and tiny fishing. However, it has a lot more fish, such as goldfish, starfish, dolphins, koi fish, crayfish, and many other sea creatures.

Can you find the right places to fish when the tide is high so you can catch more fish? Think like a fish, use your fish brain, and play by fish rules.


In the casual game tank Land, you have to take care of a tank with many different kinds of fish. To make things better at this center for breeding and displaying marine species, you will have to fish in the water to fill the tanks.

To move your character around the scenes, you just have to swipe your smartphone screen. You can move around quickly, dive into the water, and look for fish to put in your tanks this way.

Don't forget that you have to earn prizes in order to open new tanks. Also, only certain kinds of fish can live in each one. If you have a tank for clownfish, you'll have to fish for that one.

If you download the Aquarium Land APK for Android, you can try to catch enough fish to fill up different fish tanks and see how good you are at fishing. So, as you play, you'll get more benefits and be able to improve the facilities more and more.


Fish To Catch And Keep

In Aquarium Land: My Fish Bowl 3D, players can go fishing in the sea and catch goldfish, crabs, dolphins, koi fish, and crawfish, among other fish. In the game, each fish has its own unique traits and value, and players can put them in their fish tank to grow their aquarium small mart and get more customers.

Find Out Where To Fish Under The Sea

Players need to explore the sea world and find the best places to fish in order to catch more fish. Even when the waves are high, they need to use their fishbrain to think like the fish and find the right spots. This makes the game more difficult and forces players to think ahead and plan their moves carefully.

It's Fun And Challenging

Aquarium Land is a fun and addicting game with levels that are hard to beat and fishy riddles to solve. This keeps players interested and gives them something to do while they try to be the best fish tycoon in the game.

Colorful Graphics And Fun Sounds

The game also has bright images and fun sound effects that make the whole experience better. This makes Aquarium Land a beautiful and engaging game that can be played for hours.

Make Fish Smart And Swaggery

To become a skilled fish tycoon, players must fish with attitude and use their fishbrain to make strategic decisions. To catch more fish and sell them in their small mart, they need to think like fish and play by fish rules.


In his own tanked aquarium game, he can act like a real fish tycoon and use the money from the fish to buy more aquariums for the sea world fishdom. Fish games are the best!

Can you be the best fish tycoon, let the waves guide you, and run your tile aquarium? Sounds strange!

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