B Love Network 2.9 Apk APK

B Love Network 2.9 Apk free Download for Android

App By:
Blockhub Ltd.
v2.9 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 18, 2023
15.6 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The B Love Network 2.9 Apk is a smartphone app that lets users bet B-Love tokens and earn up to 5x rewards. The app offers a clean and detailed interface to help users navigate across different features with convenience.


B-Love Network was made to help people keep track of their B-Love (BLV) tokens. The app has a simple white and pink design that you see when you open it. Of course, users have to sign up and log in the first time they use it. The app's main feature is to earn cryptocurrency by tapping the big heart button in the middle of the screen.

Aside from earning coins, there are also a couple of other features. You can get bonus coins through a referral system, and you can also deposit or withdraw from exchange platforms that are connected. You can copy your wallet address immediately or share a QR code to make easy deposits, just like with any other standard cryptocurrency app.

It also limits how much you can deposit each day to help you keep track of your transactions. It also shares the news with the community to keep users in touch. On the platform, the names of the top players and earners are shown regularly.

Users preferred only some parts of the app, though. There is no way to see a graph of the coin's trends and history. These same charts must be updated in real-time, which is important in the volatile crypto market.


B-Love Token

The B-Love Network App is a place to stake B-Love Token and get rewards. The BFIC Blockchain is what the BLV community token is built on. On the B-Love Network app, users can bet the BLV token and get a 0.8% stake reward every day.

Features of the App

The B-Love Network app has been made to give BLV stakes the best possible user experience. The platform has built-in news and promotion portals to update users on the latest news and changes to the token or app.

Basic and Pro Modes

The B-Love Network app has a button that lets you change between the primary and pro modes. Fundamentally, stats are just shown as numbers, but in pro mode, users can expand the stats and see how their account is doing through graphs and charts.

Find out how B-Love Network is doing worldwide and in your own life. On your personal stats screen, you can find information about your teams, bets, and rewards. You can also learn about the global chances and rewards of the network app.


B-Love Network is a platform for cryptocurrencies, so you can buy and sell B-Love through the app and earn more. It has the features you'd expect from a tool, like the ability to refer users and make deposits and withdrawals.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any parts about current events. The charts need to look better, and the data isn't always present, which could be problematic for people who want to trade in crypto.

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