Bartender Game 1.0.5 Apk APK

Bartender Game 1.0.5 Apk free Download for Android

App By:
Mixen Game
v1.0.5 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 17, 2023
48.7 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Mixen Games makes Bartender Game 1.0.5 Apk a full version, which is a fun game. It tests your skills as a mixologist and lets you make drinks. Your goal will be to meet what your customers want. You must use the right amount of each ingredient to make the best drink.

The game's graphics are simple, which lets you focus on the mixing. Each level gets more challenging because you have to meet customers' needs who want different things.

Bartender the Right Mix, is the perfect game for you if you want a relaxing game to play when you don't have much time to spare. It gives you an unbeatable sense of satisfaction when your customers enjoy what you've made.


Imagine that you work behind a bar and make different drinks for customers. As a bartender, you need to know how to make a lot of other beverages, both with and without alcohol. But to be a great bartender, you must create your drinks.

Your customers will show you how good their drink is, which is good news. Come on into Miguel's bar! This bartender is happy to show you how to make the best drinks. Choose your ingredients and put as many as you want into the shaker.

Your cocktail can be made sweeter by adding a few drops of lemon juice and some ice cubes. Mix everything well, and serve it to Miguel. See if he likes your cocktail by waiting. If he doesn't like it, don't give up easily!

Try over and over until he likes your drink. Pour in a different wine, add ice cubes and lemon slices, and give it a shake. At the last call, the bartender will provide you with one point.

Most of the wine was locked (gray) at first. When you use the wine, you already have to get a high score, and some of the wine will become available. The more wines you can use to get a higher score, the higher your score. Game Center will show your score to everyone in the world, so work hard to become the Cocktail Master.



The bartender gives players a variety of cocktails and other drink recipes that range from easy to hard.

Tools For Mixing

Players can make drinks for customers using various tools, such as glasses, shakers, spoons, drinks, ice, and more.

Customer Requirements

Customers who come to your shop will have a different request and want fast accurate service.

Time Management

Players have a limited amount of time to do what the customer wants. Players can make money and move on to new levels using their time well.

Bar Improvements

With the money you make from serving customers, you can buy more bartending tools and new ingredients, fix up the inside of the bar, make it bigger, and do many other things.


Bartender Game is fun about running a bar and caring for customers. The game has caught the attention of many players because it is easy to play, has beautiful graphics, and has a lot of ways to interact with it. But there are also some problems, like that you can only play one type of game, there is no conflict or competition, and it can get boring if you keep the same how you play or buy new tools and raw materials. But if you love helping people and want to know what it's like to be a real bartender, Bartender Game is an excellent way to have fun and try something new.

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