Bistro Heroes 4.12.0 APK APK

Bistro Heroes 4.12.0 APK free Download for Android

App By:
Team Tapas
v4.12.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 04, 2023
199.92 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Role Playing

We are always changed by the places we visit. We may see things we've never seen before. Bistro Heroes 4.12.0 APK will go with these steps and give them wings. A world from a fairy tale where everything is funny and cute.

Start getting rid of the forces of evil in this world and making people's lives much happier and more peaceful. A brave, hero-like spirit that is always full of fire.

No need to draw complicated pictures to get people to play. Bistro Heroes is an interesting mix of Anime and fairy tales. This is very exciting for people who love Japanese characters. All the pretty and lovely things are here.

Bring a calm game experience without any stress. There are exciting games made so that players can freely show how brave they are. What could be better than living in a world of pretty girls with big eyes?


Team Tapas has made a new RPG called Bistro Heroes. This developer is known to have made other games, such as the well-known game A Girl Adrift. Amazingly, all of the games made by this developer are awesome. This includes Bistro Heroes. Get the game right now to find out.

The game is rated 10+ for everyone and has a lot of great stuff in it. With all the game's fantasy violence, you can have a great time playing. Bistro Heroes is easy to download. You can get it from the Google Play Store. The game has already been downloaded more than a million times and has given a lot of good reviews.

Download this game right now to hunt for different items and ingredients. In the game, you can also collect different clothes for your hero. This will make it easier to make your heroes look different and give them their styles. With this game, it's easy to run a bistro. You can do this by making other dishes with the ingredients you collect.

The main goal is to save the world and make a town with different buildings and furniture.


A small, light RPG that you can play without downloading anything else.

Ingredients from a fantasy world are used to make different dishes.

Heroes and towns can use cute clothes and furniture to make them look better.

The story is exciting and has the feel of a light novel.

Simple controls that even a beginner can figure out

Graphics and an atmosphere like a fairy tale


Please get the latest version of Bistro Heroes on your phone and use all of its features.

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