Brick Blaster 0.7 APK APK

Brick Blaster 0.7 APK latest v0.7 for Android

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v0.7 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 24, 2023
39 Mb
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Brick Blaster 0.7 APK Is fun ball-shooting game will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. As you move through each level, you'll have to carefully choose your next ball, look at the map, and plan your shots to break as many bricks as possible. 

As you move to a new stage, the game gets harder, but the benefits also get better. Collect power-ups and bonuses to help you beat levels and get high scores.

But be careful! If you make a mistake, it could be the end of the game. Can you beat every task and finish every level? Try it out and see!


You sound like you're talking about a puzzle or arcade game where you shoot balls at bricks or other objects to break them. The goal of the game is to carefully aim and fire the balls to finish each level and move on to harder ones.

In this type of game, each level may have a different structure or arrangement of bricks, so players must study the map and plan their shots to break as many bricks as possible with each ball. Also, the balls can be different colors, and players have to choose the right color to shoot at each brick to break it.

As players move through the levels, the game may get harder, with more complicated arrangements of bricks, balls that move faster, or other hurdles that make it harder to get through each stage.

The game may also have power-ups or other bonuses that players can collect to help them get through levels faster or get better scores.


Unique Game Layouts

In each level, the bricks or other targets may be set up in a different way, so players have to look at the level and plan how to clear it.

Mechanisms For Matching Colors

There are different colors of balls, and players have to choose the right color to shoot at each target to knock it down. This gives the game an extra level of planning and puzzle-solving.

Power-Ups And Extra Points

During the game, players may be able to pick up power-ups and bonuses, such as shots with more than one ball, bomb balls that destroy multiple targets at once, or time bonuses that give players more time to finish each level.

Getting Harder And Harder

As a player moves through the levels, the game may get harder by making the balls move faster, shortening the time window, or making the level patterns more complicated.


Players may be able to fight for the highest score on online leaderboards for the game. This can be a great way to get people to come back to the game and try to get better at it.


This kind of game can be fun and interesting for people who like to figure out puzzles and use strategy. With good planning, quick reactions, and a little luck, players can move through the levels and get high scores. They can compete with other players on leaderboards or just try to beat their own bests.

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