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v10.9.0.10 for Android
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Apr 01, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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HuangYou - Butter Camera Apk is a world where ease of use and creation come together in the palm of your hand. With this cutting-edge photography app, you can get the most out of the camera on your phone. 

Butter Camera Apk lets you add a little magic to every picture, so you can say goodbye to dull, plain pictures. No more square pictures and boring watermarks that held you back from being creative. 

With Butter Camera, you can break the rules and show yourself in ways you never have before. You can add personality and feeling to your photos by choosing from a huge number of font styles. This will really make them stand out.

Introduce to HuangYou Butter Camera

You can easily add stylish Chinese fonts and text to your photos with Butter Camera, a great camera app for Android devices. This app is great for adding charm and style to your pictures.

It comes with a huge library of beautifully designed Chinese text styles that you can use to add to your photos. The fonts have a lot of different looks, from bold and eye-catching to classy and creative. This lets you change your photos to perfectly show any feeling or message you want.

Butter Camera is different from other simple picture editing apps because it lets you add text with these expressive fonts. The Chinese characters add a lot of cultural depth and let you be very artistic with how you arrange your shots.

The app is also very easy to use. It comes with simple changing tools that let you change the font and text's size, position, and other settings to get them just right on your picture. Any ordinary picture can be quickly turned into a unique, eye-catching work of art just for you.

Butter Camera mod Apk makes it easy to add beautiful Chinese typography to your photos, whether you want to add artistic captions to your trip photos, make trendy social media posts, or just have fun making your photos look better. If you want to be more creative with your phone pictures, you need this app.

Seamless Integration of Chinese Fonts and Photography.

One great thing about HuangYou - Butter Camera is that it combines Chinese fonts and photos without any problems. Because this app knows how important Chinese symbols are to culture and how they can be used to express yourself, it gives users a huge collection of carefully designed fonts to choose from.

The fonts in the app are quite varied. There are big, dominating styles that stand out and call for attention, as well as small, whimsical styles that make you feel nostalgic. Each font was carefully designed to have its own style. This lets users give their images more depth and emotion in a way that really gets across the message they want to send.

HuangYou - Butter Camera's font library has something for every event and mood, whether you want to add a touch of class, playfulness, or raw emotion to your photos. It can turn your pictures into beautiful works of art that really speak to the soul.

Intuitive User Interface and Editing Tools.

Not only do you need the right tools to make visually stunning pictures, but you also need an interface that is simple and easy to use so that users can be creative without having to deal with extra steps.

HuangYou: Butter Camera is great at this because it has a sleek and easy-to-use layout that makes editing go smoothly. The editing tools in the app are made to be easy to use and quick, so users can make exact changes to their photos with just a few taps.

HuangYou - Butter Camera gives you a lot of strong editing tools at your fingertips. You can change exposure and contrast, fine-tune color balance, and add filters. The app also has tools for placing and adjusting fonts that make it easy to add Chinese characters to your pictures in a way that looks good and makes an impact.

Collaboration with Independent Font Designers.

HuangYou - Butter Camera is different from other photography apps because it wants to build a strong community of independent font creators with a wide range of skills.

The people who made the app know how important it is to support and celebrate artistic expression. That's why they've made it their goal to work with talented font designers from all over the world.

HuangYou - Butter Camera works with independent font makers to make sure that its font library is always new, changing, and in line with the newest typography trends and styles.

Because of this dedication to variety, users can always choose from a wide range of fonts, and independent artists can continue to work on their projects.

Features in Butter Camera mod Apk Latest Version

Font Text Addition:

With Butter Camera, users can add stylish Chinese letters to their photos to make them look better. You can no longer use plain images and generic watermarks. Instead, you can add expressive writing that shows off your style and personality.

Customizable Font Styles:

Butter Camera lets you make a lot of different changes because it has many font styles to pick from. You can find the right font to make your photos stand out, whether you like big, powerful fonts or soft, classy ones.

Simplified Editing Tools:

It's easy to add text to your photos with Butter Camera's simple editing tools. Just type in your text, pick the font style you want, and change the placement and size to get the look you want. There are no hard steps to follow or professional skills needed.

Social Media Integration:

With Butter Camera's built-in social media connection, it's easy to show off your work to everyone. Because Butter Camera makes sure that your pictures look great and stand out, you can post them on Weibo, Moments, or other sites.

Real-time Preview:

You can see what your new text will look like in real time before you save your changes. This lets you see exactly how your text will appear on your picture and make any changes you need to get the effect you want.

Filter Effects:

With Butter Camera's filter effects, you can change the mood and atmosphere of your pictures. These filters, which range from retro to modern looks, give your photos more depth and personality, making them truly memorable.

Adjustable Text Properties:

You can make your text look even better by changing its size, color, and transparency. With this much power, you can fine-tune your text to perfectly match your picture and make it stand out the way you want it to.

Instant Sharing:

With just a few taps, you can share your edited pictures straight from Butter Camera to your favorite social media sites. Instantly show off your artistic skills to your fans and friends, and get feedback right away on the beautiful things you've made.


HuangYou - Butter Camera is one of the best mobile photography apps out there. It blends the art of photography with the rich cultural history of Chinese fonts to create a truly immersive experience for users. 

This app lets users show their creativity and take their pictures to new artistic heights with its easy-to-use interface, powerful editing tools, and huge library of carefully chosen fonts.

HuangYou - Butter Camera is an essential digital tool that everyone should have, whether they are a professional shooter looking for a new angle or a casual fan wanting to add a personal touch to their photos. Accept the power of Chinese fonts, let your creativity flow, and start a trip of self-expression like you've never been on before.

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